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News From Crusty

New Skintones “Coming To Collect”

Tuesday, July 4th, 2023

Holy Shit the Skintones are back!
The Skintones brand spankin new full length album ‘Coming to Collect’, on Crustacean
Records, brings 10 fresh tracks that solidify the Skintones as one of Madison’s
most memorable hard rock trios in the last 20 years. Coming to Collect has the
Skintones forging ahead in new territory while still staying true to that Skintones
brand of dark humor, and politically charged commentary. The rally cry for revolution
has begun with the Skintones leading the call, and their final decree that they’re
finally Coming to Collect in 2023.

Awesome Snakes “Venom” re-release!

Friday, July 8th, 2022

Without a doubt, The Awesome Snakes album “Venom” has
been one of the most popular records we ever put out.
Now, the kind folks at Stand Up! Records have re-released
this classic on black and limited snake skin vinyl featuring
bonus tracks not on the original cd.
Grab a copy at before they are gone!

Ladybeard bigdumbfaceshoeguy 25th Anniversary!

Friday, June 28th, 2019

Wow, bigdumbfaceshoeguy is 25 years old! To celebrate this milestone in Wisconsin music Crustacean Records is releasing this 25th anniversary edition. Along with fancy new packaging, th original High Hopes cassette is added for the first time on CD. This release will only be available at shows and here at

The MTGM guys will playing a Ladybeard set for a few shows this year. The album will be played damn near in it’s entirety with a healthy portion of High Hopes as well. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for more info!

New Mad Trucker Gone Mad Now Available!

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

DSC06173The new Mad Trucker Gone Mad album “She Don’t Like Me When I’m Drunk” is now available for sale in a limited edition 2 cd version and is also available for downloads via itunes. Check out the Catalog page!

This first run comes in a custom letterpress wallet printed by hand using hand set wood and metal type. The first batch includes 250 of the white version and a very limited 50 of the black version. This limited edition version also includes the 2011 EP Breakfast, Lunch and Diesel as well as a 16 page color photobook.

A limited amount of the release show poster (shown below) are also available on the catalog page as well.

Keep on truckin!

Mad Trucker Gone Mad CD Release!

Friday, February 19th, 2016

Mad Trucker Gone Mad CD Release party at the Crystal Corner Bar. Saturday March 19th, 2016 located at 131 Williamson St., Madison, WI.

Mad Trucker Gone Mad Poster