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Fuck Knights join the Crustacean roster

Crustacean Records is pleased to announce the newest addition to our roster of talent, Fuck Knights, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In late October we will release Fuck Knights' The Recorded By Gary Burger From The Monks EP on CD and 7" vinyl. The four song EP contains some of Fuck Knights' strongest songs to date further refining their stripped down garage punk.

20 Dollar Love track for mp3 of the month

For August we are giving you a sample off our two newest releases. It is a track by 20 Dollar Love that will appear on both the My America! vinyl 7” EP and the My America! 27 Bands Cover the Quincy Punx to Benefit The West Memphis Three CD. The song is 20 Dollar Love covering the Quincy Punx's classic track “Under My Wheels”. You can purchase the vinyl version in mid-August also featuring Quincy Punx covers by P.O.S., Off With Their Heads and Torch The Spires on marbled blue and white vinyl limited to an run of 500. Or get the song on the more expansive CD compilation featuring 27 other songs that comes out on August 31st.

You can download the song by clicking on the mp3 of the month button in the upper left hand corner of this webpage, from the Crustacean Records music page, from our Myspace and from our Facebook.

New Screamin' Cyn Cyn & The Pons album out!

Much to the benefit of the music listening public, Screamin' Cyn Cyn & The Pons have put out their third album entitled Damn, Girl. Fifteen brand new songs sent to your house for only $10 postpaid in bubble pack brimming with assorted other free goodies from Crustacean Records. We suggest you buy now. Right over here.

The Giraffes Show on sale and available to order from the Crustacean webstore

Be the first kid on your block to get your copy of the first ever live DVD and album by Brooklyn mayhem enthusiasts the Giraffes. It is not in stores until May 25, but you can score it right now from the Crustacean webstore for only $13 postpaid. Next week the price goes up to $15 so act now. In case you are on the fence here is the video trailer from Show to convince you to place an order right now.

THE GIRAFFES SHOW DVD TRAILER from Natalie Hinckley on Vimeo.


Droids Attack's The Great Wall Of 'Gina music video premier!

Here is the brand new music video for Droids Attack's epic tune, "The Great Wall Of 'Gina" as featured on their rad new CD, Must Destroy. The video was directed by Natalie Hinkley of Hinckley Design, who also directed our fantastic 2 disc DVD set "Drown Out The Daylights." Both releases are of course available in our catalog right here, right now! Check it!


We got a new Facebook page!

We just set up a new Facebook page. Click this link to go to the page and become a fan. It will keep you up to date with all of our upcoming news and events, we post video links to it often and has a music player with a mix of over a dozen songs by current Crustacean artists.

High Dr. out and the 20 Dollar Love sale running Aug. 19-25

20 Dollar Love's Crustacean Records debut, High Dr. , just came out. You can pick it up for only $10 postpaid or order $20 worth of other merch from the Crustacean websale and get it shipped for free. And all orders include a copy of our new 17 song CD sampler and other assorted label schwag. Just put $20 worth of merch in your shopping cart and then add the sale of the week to your cart to claim your free copy of the new 20 Dollar Love album.

Our anniversary websale only runs two more weeks and all items are marked down to either $10 or $6 postpaid. These prices won't last so act now to get a lot of music on the cheap.

Anniversary Sale Of The Week And Many Thanks

We got a new anniversary sale to run this week from Wednesday July 22 until Tuesday July 28. It's the old school three for ten sale. Pick three CDs by one of four bedrock Crustacean musical artists (choose from Killdozer, System & Station, Drunk Drivers and Mad Trucker Gone Mad) for only a ten spot. Go to this page to find out more details and place an order.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our anniversary showcases last weekend whether you attended in Madison, Chicago, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Minneapolis or St. Paul. Also thanks to the area press for showering us with so much attention for doing our thing in southern Wisconsin for fifteen years now. If you wish to check some of it out: Wisconsin State Journal/Square 77, The Daily Page, Madison Onion, Twin Cities Onion, Time Magazine, Chicago New City and The Star Tribune.

Apparently two other things were confirmed this weekend: that bored, small-town Wisconsin cops are still pricks, and that fifteen years on Crustacean Records is apparently still dangerous. Recently added Crustacean act, Bloodcow on tour from Omaha, had a run in with Oshkosh's finest on Sunday morning that included tickets being issued, a police escort to city limits and a stern warning to never return as the donut eaters are allegedly in the midsts of efforts to clean up the town. Some speculate it could be more scare tactics from militant scientologists.

Sentinels of the Hardland reissue

We just reissued the second Imperial Battlesnake album on Crustacean. Only $10 postpaid in our webstore. Head over to our web catalog to get your copy now.

The Giraffes head to Bonnaroo and get all written about and stuff

The Giraffes prepared to head to Tennessee to play one of the biggest music festivals in North America, Bonnaroo, on Saturday night, June 13th from midnight until 12:50 at the Troo Music Lounge hosted by Budweiser. They play against some upstart crooner from New Jersey by the name of Springsteen and we all know who triumphs when NYC faces off against Jersey.

Spin Magazine saw fit to pick the Giraffes as a band not tomiss at the festival as this article can attest to.

New York Mag just wrote a big feature on the band althoughit has to do more with deliberators than rock.

After Bonnaroo the Giraffes will be taking most of the summer off as drummer, Andrew Totolos prepares to be a daddy for the first time. The band won't be touring, but have a couple shows coming up in NYC this summer. Thursday June 18th at the Knitting Factory opening for Skeleton Key, the boys will be performing their A Gentlemen Never Tells EP in itsentirety. Another date not officiallyannounced yet will take place in Brooklyn in late July and The Giraffes will be recording a live album and DVD to come out on Crustacean Records later this year.

Skullcrane's Columbia Heights Nights Early Bird Sale Underway!

The new Skullcranes CD is not in stores until next week on the 12th, but you can order it from the Crustacean webstore right now. And on sale for only $10 postpaid. Go now to the catalog page and pick up a copy. On the release date of May 12th they go up to their normal price of $12 so order now and save a couple bucks.

Early bird sale on The Von Ehrics' Loaded

Starting now until the retail release date of Tuesday March 24th, you can purchase copies of the brand new album by the Von Ehrics for only $10 postpaid in the US and Canada. All orders will ship this week to arrive before you can buy the album in stores on the 24th and include a free CD sampler from Crustacean Records and other goodies.

Go to the catalog page to order it now. Visa and mastercard accepted. Or you can download it on iTunes already, due note that the final track is long and cannot be purchased as a single song download. However you can get all the tracks if you download the entire album.

20 Dollar Love, Bloodcow, Imperial Battlesnake and The Skullcranes join Crustacean Records and head to SXSW with Droids Attack

Crustacean Records is delighted to announce the addition of four more bands to its stable of musical artists, The Skullcranes, and 20 Dollar Love from the Twin Cities, Bloodcow from Omaha, Nebraska and Imperial Battlesnake from Chicago, Illinois. The Skullcranes and 20 Dollar Love will be releasing new full-length records on Crustacean in the first half of 2009 and Bloodcow and Imperial Battlesnake are recording this summer for new albums to come out late in 2009 or early in 2010 on Crustacean Records.

All four acts were part of Round 13 Records, a now defunct collective record label run by the its own musical artists, along with well-tenured Crustacean riff masters, Droids Attack, who called Round 13 their second home. Like Droids Attack, all four new additions to the roster exist in a heavy musical realm drawing on elements of metal, punk and generalized ass kicking rock and roll.

20 Dollar Love, Bloodcow, Droids Attack and Imperial Battlesnake are beginning the journey this week to represent for Crustacean Records down at the South by Southwest music conference and festival. Bloodcow and 20 Dollar Love are in one van and Droids Attack and Imperial Battlesnake in another meandering down to Texas playing separate dates. They finally meet up on St. Patrick's Day in Dallas at Club Dada with all four acts opening for Volcom Recording artists Valient Thorr. All have bands have multiple appearances in Austin culminating in the Crustacean Records SXSW showcase at Headhunters on Red River Street in the heart of Austin's fabled 6th Street neighborhood the evening of Friday March 20th.

The complete dates of the tour to and from Texas are as follows:

Thursday March 12th: Blood Cow + 20 Dollar Love at Big V's in St. Paul, MN

Friday March 13th: Imperial Battlesnake + Droids Attack at The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, IN and Bloodcow + 20 Dollar Love at Chesterfield in Sioux City, IA

Saturday March 14th: Droids Attack + Imperial Battlesnake at The Springwater in Nashville, TN and 20 Dollar Love + Bloodcow at Hull Tavern in Des Moines, IA

Sunday March 15th: 20 Dollar Love + Bloodcow at The Waiting Room in Omaha, NB and Imperial Battlesnake + Droids Attack at the Hall Building in Little Rock, AR

Monday March 16th: Droids Attack and Imperial Battlesnake at Li's Joe's Bar & Grill in Shreveport, LA

Tuesday March 17th: 20 Dollar Love, Bloodcow, Droids Attack and Imperial Battesnake opening for Valient Thorr at Club Dada in Dallas, TX

Wednesday March 18th: Imperial Battlesnake + Droids Attack at The Mix in San Antonio, TX

Thursday March 19th: Imperial Battlesnake + Droids Attack at Texas Rock Fest in Austin, TX (day shows) and Droids Attack + Imperial Battlesnake at Triple Crown Live in San Marcos, TX (night show)

Friday March 20th: 20 Dollar Love, Bloodcow, Droids Attack + Imperial Battlesnake at Headhunters for the Crustacean/Round 13 Showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX

Friday March 21st: Droids Attack + Imperial Battlesnake at Austin's legendary DIY SXSW alternative, Fuck By Fuck You (day shows) AND Imperial Battlesnake at Trophys in Austin, TX (night show) AND 20 Dollar Love + Bloodcow in Parsons, KS

Sunday March 23rd: Imperial Battlesnake + Droids Attack at The Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL

Giraffes captured in CMJ spotlight

At the CMJ website they have the Giraffes in the spotlight as their current featured artist. The graphic on the website links to a new CMJ interview. Big ups to Derek and Chris at Solid PR for getting the word out.

Cheap Ass DVDs

We dropped the price off our double DVD set Crustacean Records: Drown Out the Daylights even further to only $10 postpaid anywhere in the US and Canada. Almost five hours of high quality video and audio for only a ten spot. We want to get as many people as possible to see our movie so head over to the catalog page now and order your copy.

New Giraffes album has arrived

Prime Motivator is finally out worldwide today. Today the Giraffes play on Radio K in the Twin Cities before destroying Big V's in St. Paul. You can listen to the performance archived on the web right here. You can also preview the CD by checking out all the press they are getting and you can view on the web from the likes of Metal Injection, Pop Matters, Artist Direct, Aversion. com, Blenderand CMJ just to name a couple.

Drown Out The Daylights DVD presale

By the weekend we will begin shipping our first mailorders for our long awaited DVD project, Crustacean Records: Drown Out The Daylights, which can be bought in stores beginning on Tuesday July 22nd. In the Crustacean webstore we will have it on sale for only $12 until August 4th. That price includes shipping in the US and Canada and we will send along a free label sampler. Go right right here to order a copy right now.

Also there is a web trailer available for viewing if you wish to check it out before buying. The trailer can be viewed and downloaded in hi-resolution at the Hinckley Design website or viewed in its youtube format right below.

Don't miss the parties to celebrate the release.
The premiere party takes place this Saturday, July 19th at the Majestic Theater screening the main feature of the DVD followed by musical performances by Mad Trucker Gone Mad, The Skintones, The Gusto and Screamin Cyn Cyn & The Pons.
The DVD release party at the High Noon Saloon on Tuesday July 22nd at 6 PM showing the DVD extra features and a rock and roll intermission set from Ladybeard.
Then on Saturday July 26th we have our Minnesota premiere party at Stasiu's Place showing the main feature and then live sets from Droids Attack, Awesome Snakes, Ouija Radio, Birthday Suits and Drunk Drivers.

The Way It Is

The debut full length album by The Gusto is at our offices and ready to ship. You can go direct to the catalog page in the Crustacean Records webstore right here to purchase it for $12 which includes shipping anywhere in the US and Canada. Join us on Saturday July 5th for the Gusto's CD release party taking place at the Corral Room in Madison. Also our local alternative weekly paper, The Isthmus, is hosting a free download of "Auburn" from the The Way It Is at this webpage

SXSW Footage

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Molotov Lounge last Thursday, visited Crustacean reps at the Indie Village or saw any of our bands in Austin last week. We got a great response our first year having a formal presence at the conference. Hinckley Design was there to capture footage and edited together small segments of The Gusto and Screamin Cyn Cyn & The Pons for your viewing pleasure.

Birthday Suits/Peelander-Z split 7 inch ready to ship

The vinyl arrived last week and we are assembling the packages today. Shipping them early this week arriving before next weekend to most customers. $6 postpaid anywhere in the US and Canada with additional copies of the 7 inch only $3 extra. Foreign orders add $3 shipping per order. You can order right now on the catalog page. They will also be available soon at B-Side Records, The Exclusive Company, Mad City Music, Earwax Records, CheapO Records, Interpunk, Electric Fetus, Extreme Noise and others.

Don't forget to attend the release party on Thursday the 13th at SXSW if you happen to find yourself in Austin next week.


Crustacean Records invited to Indie Village at SXSW

Crustacean Records is proud to announce its participation in the 2008 Indie Village at the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival on March 13, 14 and 15. The Indie Village sponsored by NAIL Distribution and takes place in the Austin Convention Center as part of the SXSW Music Trade Show and Exhibition. The Indie Village facilitates visibility and a presence for independent labels at the trade show as well as providing a place to meet with representatives from independent record labels.

Representatives from Crustacean Records have committed to be available at the Indie Village from 1 to 2 PM on Thursday the 13th, 3 to 4 PM on Friday the 14th and from 2:30 to 3:30 PM on Saturday the 15th. Those are the base minimum hours, but Crustacean reps will likely be present before and after their scheduled time. We are very honored to be invited to this year's Indie Village and to be placed on equal footing with some of the biggest independent labels in existence such as Bloodshot, Ryko, Saddle Creek, Relapse and many others.

Things Fall Apart Opening Night at the Talent Show. Live available on iTunes

The live web only Things Fall Apart release is now available for on iTunes and will be on other download and streaming services as well. Fourteen songs recorded in 2006 and 2007 at the High Noon Saloon and Inferno Nightclub in Madison as well as three song broadcast on WORT 89. 9 FM. It features two unrelased new songs and energy galore.

You can bring it up in your iTunes by clicking on the phobos link below

Or you can hear samples of it on the CD Baby page for the release.

Screamin' Target Heart Rate ready for mailorders

This Wednesday afternoon we will have copies of Screamin' Cyn Cyn & The Pons Screamin' Target Heart Rate at our office and be ready to fill mailorders. The Pons second album, and their Crustacean Records debut, featuring 20 tracks full of sharp humor, catchy songwriting and their trademark cabaret punk madness. Such well loved staples from their live shows as 20% Gay, Set the Table, Pedros, Slumber Party and many more. Vastly improved fidelity over the debut record with production from Wendy Schneider at Madison's renowned Coney Island Studios.

We are selling copies of Screamin' Target Heart Rate in the Crustacean Records catalog for only $12 postpaid anywhere in the US and Canada. You can also get the new album this weekend on the Screamin' Cyn Cyn & The Pons CD release minitour with the Mathematicians. They play Minneapolis on Wednesday the 11th at the Hexagon with Ouija Radio as well. Thursday the 12th they play the Beat Kitchen in Chicago. Friday the 13th they play Madison at the King Club also with Ouija Radio and Saturday the 14th at Uncle Festers in Bloomington, Indiana.


Fatal/Error available for order

We just got copies of the second Droids Attack album at Crustacean offices. We can't say enough about the new record. Both the blitzkrieg rockers as well as the sprawling metal epics. Get it delivered to your doorstep for only $12 postpaid anywhere in the US and Canada. As of today our webstore and Droids Attack shows is the only way it can be acquired.

Speaking of which come out to Droids Attack CD release party on Saturday February 10th at the Annex in Madison, Wisconsin. SIV and Thundersnake are opening.

End of Year Accolades

2006 was quite a year for our little label. A dozen additions to our catalog in as many months and all records we really like. We lost or about to lose a few this year such as SevenOneFive, echo-static and Below the Sound whose last show in Albuquerque on January 12th. On the flipside we saw the rebirth of Mad Trucker Gone Mad as well as new relationships blossom with Awesome Snakes, Hazard County Girls, IfIHadAHiFi, John Kruth, Ouija Radio and Rocket Fuel is the Key.

Thanks you to everyone who supported Crustacean Records and it's wonderful bands last year. Whether you came out to a show, paid for a download, played us on the radio, requested something from us on the radio, bought a CD or wrote something nice about our music in the press. Especially if you did that last one.

Speaking of which our artists have been receiving their share of praise in end of year retrospectives. Ouija Radio's Oh No‚ Yes! Yes! was picked at about. com as one of the ten best albums of the year. The City Pages in the Twin Cities picked Awesome Snakes Venom as one of the 10 best albums this year, so did Pulse of the Twin Cities and it was voted #22 by KUOM's DJ's, staff, volunteers and listeners.

John Kruth Eva Destruction in office and available for web order

Just arrived today here in Madison and ready to ship with domestic orders arrriving to customers by mid-week. Shipping is included for orders in the US and Canada and every purchase includes a free label sampler. Everybody not living in the US and Canada add $3 per order and $2 for each additional item. Go to the general Crustacean Records catalog or to the Eva Destruction page.

This is Science!

That is the name of the new Skintones album; their third full length on Crustacean Records. This is Science continues to refine their unholy trifecta of punk, metal and dark humor with just enough pop and classic rock sensibilities to appeal to the masses. It features hard rocking staples of the Skintones live show such as SLA, Freak on Me, Down South, Aegean Breeze and others.

It comes out officially on Saturday November 11th with a CD release party at the High Noon Saloon in Madison. An amazing four band bill with Cats Not Dogs, Bible of the Devil and the Pimps opening. Only $6 for a 21 and up show starting at 10 PM. Be there!

Oh No. . . Yes! Yes! out now

Finally Ouija Radio's amazing third album is released in stores as of Tuesday the 10th in addition to its previous availability on this very website and via digital download sites like iTunes and its many cousins. It is aleady burning up the CMJ radio charts with it being #11 on the Top Adds chart last week and a debut ranking of #108 in CMJ Top 200 chart this week. As good as the record is, it can only go higher. Another thing to check out is this well written review on about. com for the new album.

Don't forget to come out to support Ouija Radio this weekend for their record release/tour kick off shows in St. Paul, Minnesota on Friday the 13th at the Turf Club and in Madison, Wisconsin at the High Noon Saloon on Saturday the 14th. After that Ouija Radio will be touring North American until mid-December. Please check Ouija Radio's myspace or Crustacean Records myspace for the most up to date tour info.

We Will Bury You: A Tribute to Killdozer available for preorder!

We will finally have our long awaited Killdozer double disc tribute CD, We Will Bury You, in our offices at the end of next week and begin shipping them as soon as we do. With that in mind it is officially time to begin preorders. As a special preorder sale we will be selling copies for only $12 postpaid in the continental US until the official release date of Tuesday September 5th. Go right over here to order it.

On September 5th they go up to their permenant price of $14 which still is a steal for a action packed double disc with nice packaging. And the music you ask, well we got two previously unreleased Killdozer tunes in the form of a bad ass cover of Disco Inferno and a Butch Vig remix of the old Killdozer classic, King of Sex. Also features 26 Killdozer covers from Red Max, Powerwagon, Cash Audio, Kung Pao, Mt. Shasta, Season to Risk, Scrid, The Ed Gein Fan Club ft. Tom Hazelmyer, Leopold, Elvis '77, Ninja School, Haze XXL ft. Paddy Costello, Meatjack, Brainerd, Wendy Bugatti, No Moss, The JJ Paradise Players Club, Gorch Fock, Corruption is King, Droids Attack, Rocket Fuel is the Key, Hunchback, IfIHadAHiFi, Sppedloader, The Skintones, echo-static and liner notes by Butch Vig.

What better way is there to celebrate the upcoming Killdozer reunion show at the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Party coming up on Saturday September 9th?We are doing a big mailing for We Will Bury You so look for upcoming glowing reviews and request tracks at your local college or community radio station.

It is distributed to stores in North America via Carrot Top and Electric Fetus in North America and by Sonic Redezvous in Europe. We are also to do direct sales to individual stores at wholesale for multiple copies. We Will Bury You can be downloaded exclusively thru iTunes beginning in September.

Awesome Snakes "Venom" CD available for preorder. Right now!

That's right ladies and gents, we got Venom arriving in Madison on Thursday and we want to ship a bunch of them out to you folks that Friday the 14th. $12 postpaid in the U. S. for a wonderful, catchy and unique blast of weirdo pop garage punk.

Come out Midwest peeps to support the Snakes at their CD release parties. Friday the 14th they are in Madison at the King Club playing with fellow Crustacean act Mad Trucker Gone Mad. Sunday the 16th they are doing their thing at the Note in Chicago. The weekend after on Friday the 21st they do their hometown CD release party at the Turf Club in St. Paul with a full bill of great of Twin Cities locals.
Crustacean Records is proud to announce the release of the new Things Fall Apart 4 song CD EP entitled We Are All‚ coming out on Friday May 12th. That night Firecracker Studios presents the Things Fall Apart CD release show at the Inferno Nightclub on the north side of Madison. Showtime is 10 PM for the release show and Gusto and Straight to Your Brain are the opening acts.

We just added it to the top of our new catalog for only $9 postpaid in the continental US. If you want to hear a couple songs we have them streaming at Crustaceans Record's MySpace site and and you can download one of the songs, Mired in Lockstep, on our music page on this website.

Hot Nuggets is here!

We got copies our IfIHadAHiFi and Modern Machines split release, Hot Nuggets at the office and ready to ship. You won't find it in stores until the street date of Tuesday April 18th, but you can order it from our catalog and get it well before the 18th.

It is available on CD for $12 and as a breathtaking and great sounding 12" vinyl picture disc for $14. Those prices are post paid in the continental US and include a free Crustacean records label sampler with 23 tracks.

Hot Nuggets release parties:
4/13 New Moon Coffee House in Oshkosh with Modern Machines, IfIHadAHiFi and Southerly
4/14 early show 8th Note Coffee House in Milwaukee, all ages show with Modern Machines, E=MC Hammer, Electric Pants and IfIHadAHiFi
4/14 late show Onopa Brewing Company in Milwaukee, 21 and up with SevenOneFive, The Awesome Snakes, IfIHadAHiFi and Modern Machines
4/15 UW Madison Memorial Union-Rathkellar, free and all ages show with The Awesome Snakes, IfIHadAHiFi and Modern Machines

We are proud to announce that our friends at Carrot Top in Chicago have picked up Killdozers The Last Waltz on CD and red vinyl for national distribution. Carrot Top is a great distributor whose main niche are small chains and little indie stores, which is exactly where we want to be anyhow. Long story short, start asking for Killdozers The Last Waltz at all the finest independent record stores and if it is not in stock they should be able to order it for you.