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Bob Burns

Bob Burns

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

In 2003, Bob Burns started a band with two of his college friends called
Bob Burns and the Breakups. The band spent the next 4 years playing
shows, touring and releasing records on various labels such as Dingus,
Germany’s P. Trash Records, Plastic Idol, and Gearhead Records.
The band’s one-album deal with Gearhead produced full national tours,
a music video, and a song featured on prime-time NBC television
show “Trauma”. After the buzz fizzled out and the band parted ways,
Bob Burns took some time off to finish college, get married, buy a
house, and accidently write an album’s worth of songs.
Stevens Point, Wisconsin’s Bob Burns takes the plunge into the world of
solo work with his first self-titled full length release. The record (that took
2 years to write and complete) picks up where Bob Burns and the
Breakups’ 2007 Gearhead Records release “Terminal Breakdown” left
off, and skews down a slightly weirder, more personal path. Early
comparisons speak of a strange blend of Jay Reatard and the Marked
Men. JUSTIN PERKINS (past projects include albums by Screeching
Weasel, The Riverdales and many others) was hired-on to turn the
knobs giving the record his signature punch.