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The Skintones

The Skintones

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Delivering high-grade hard rock to fans and astonished bystanders alike for years, The Skintones are geared up to unleash their latest round of devilish compositions they describe as “psychofuzzcore for your squishy parts.” Respected as rocking both stages and records, the three-piece band delivers the rock attack like few others. After years on the Madison rock scene all three members; Pete Ress, Gavin Lefebvre and Tony Leskinen have seen various degrees of success and failure, but continually redefine the limits of rock music.

When The Skintones formed in ’98, the main goal was simply to get together and have a good time. But lo and behold, their sound caught on and they developed a devoted following and accolades from fans and bands alike. All three members bring something substantial to the table. Especially vocals, they make sure that everyone adds into the music. Levity is the glue that holds their creative minds together.

The Skintones bring enough of their own creative energies to bear on the music that’s not easy to categorize. Their “eclectically pleasing” sound has elated positive crowd response in and out of Madison. They make sure that every show is fresh, and often tailor the playlist to the crowd. Sometimes people don’t immediately catch on however. “I think that when people don’t recognize something immediately they don’t know if it’s innovative or if it sucks‚ there’s not a frame of reference,” says Skintones drummer Tony Leskinen. If you listen to The Skintones album and don’t smile at least once, whether you like it or not, you’re probably dead.