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Mad Trucker Gone Mad, Convoy, Devil To Drag // Comemorative Poster

This is a limited edition comemorative poster for the CD release show for “She Don’t Like Me When I’m Drunk”.

Poster $25 postage paid direct (US Only!). Poster

Comemorative Poster

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The Known Unknowns // The Worker

“Audacter euntes ubi alii abierunt”

The Worker is the first EP from The Known Unknowns.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dustin Boyle at The Spaceship Productions Madison, WI. The Worker art by @muellerlowlife.
Released November 10, 2023


CD $12 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST_100

The Worker

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Skintones // Coming To Collect

Holy Shit the Skintones are back!
The Skintones brand spankin new full length album ‘Coming to Collect’, on Crustacean
Records, brings 10 fresh tracks that solidify the Skintones as one of Madison’s
most memorable hard rock trios in the last 20 years. Coming to Collect has the
Skintones forging ahead in new territory while still staying true to that Skintones
brand of dark humor, and politically charged commentary. The rally cry for revolution
has begun with the Skintones leading the call, and their final decree that they’re
finally Coming to Collect in 2023.

CD $12 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-99

Coming To Collect

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Ladybeard // bigdumbfaceshoeguy 25th anniversary edition

Holy 90’s! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this classic we have added the tracks from the High Hopes cassette and spiffy new packaging! Only available at shows and here at!

CD $20 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-98

bigdumbfaceshoeguy 25th anniversary edition

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Mad Trucker Gone Mad // She Don't Like Me When I'm Drunk

The truck ages like a fine wine. While you get your dose of the psycobully you expect from the truck, reflective sing-a-longs about love gone wrong dominate the track list. The first run comes in a sweet letterpress wallet and includes a 16 page picture book and a copy of the 2011 EP Breakfast Lunch and Diesel. Sweet Letterpress wallet by Sooper Dooper in Madison WI

CD $15 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-97

She Don't Like Me When I'm Drunk

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Sir! No Sir! // Scavenger

Description coming soon...

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-96


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Drunk Drivers // It's Always Weekend

“…It’s Always Weekend reflects the unofficial slogan of a band that has embraced its reign as ringleaders of the loudest parties in the dimly-lit clubs of the Midwest, which have rumbled into the wee hours of the weekends for going on two decades….
Party tunes like the title track and “Girls Gone Wild” recall the youth of a band that otherwise has allowed the rich tapestry of growing up to intertwine with their craft. The playfulness of ever more prevalent synthesizer balances nicely with more subdued tracks like “The End of Everything” and “Getting Off,” and the band’s dozens of influences from Neil Young to The Replacements to general punk style make appearances in bits and pieces throughout.”
– Rob Hanson, Eau Claire Leader Telegram, October 24, 2014.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-95

It's Always Weekend

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The Giraffes // Tales of the Black Whistle

Two years ago, the Brooklyn-based quartet The Giraffes played their final concert at Denver’s Bluebird Theater, and fans of hard music and hard dick jokes everywhere wept. Few in the audience (and even only a few of the band members) knew at the time it would be their last hurrah, but before the pools of beer dried on the stage, the announcement was made that lead vocalist Aaron Lazar was pulling the plug to work on his own new project (selfish prick).

Following that, the band entered an odd state of limbo. They officially released their album Ruled, which they had finished before Lazar’s departure,  played an occasional show around New York without their vocalist, and offered little information to fans about the future of the band, or even the details of these sporadic shows.

But this month, The Giraffes have re-emerged with a different lineup and with a new album, Tales of the Black Whistle. In typical Giraffes fashion, there wasn’t a lot of fanfare about the release. The group simply started posting short videos and trailers of a movie by the same name — with cameo appearances by the band members — which, not shockingly, is centered around a large black whistle in the shape of a giant penis.

The album is, in fact, a soundtrack to the film, but also stands on its own as the first set of original tunes released by the band since Lazar departed the group. Lead guitarist Damien Paris said in a brief phone interview with The Marquee that he’s not sure if the film “will ever see the light of day,” but one report has stated that it could be released on Halloween of this year.

In the early days of The Giraffes (before Lazar joined the group) much of the music was centered around instrumental surf rock with tones of spaghetti-western psychedelia, and Black Whistle sees the group returning to that style, but this time, instead of Paris attempting to sing, the band is joined by Brianna Wanlass and Kimberly Paige Valor (aka “The Rigelettes”), who provide etheral harmonies, but no true lyrics on the songs.

Paris, who plays upside down left-handed guitar, once told The Marquee, “The only thing I take serious is that I’m going to practice so when I get on stage I can get up and do whatever I fucking want to.” With this return to old school Giraffes psychedelia, Paris’s work shines, as he absolutely throttles the neck of his axe, particularly on the song “Time Camel” where he plays about five billion notes per measure. Giraffes co-founder and former DIY Network host Andrew Totolos, along with former Denver resident Jens Christensen on bass, provide a solid canvas of rhythm for Paris that results in a soundtrack perfect for a peyote trip in the desert or to whatever the hell kind of movie that would allow, let alone encourage, this bunch of misfits to participate.

Lazar’s vocals are missed, but not sorely missed, as this chapter of the band opens up a new world of possibilities, and of course, a whole new round of off-color jokes, 99 percent of which center around dicks.   — BFJ Marquee Mag

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-94

Tales of the Black Whistle

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Helliphant // Human Beast

Description coming soon...

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-93

Human Beast

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Mad Trucker Gone Mad // Breakfast, Lunch and Diesel

This 2011 EP was released during a band hiatus and never got a proper release. For a limited time it is offered as a bonuc disc included with our new album. Breakfast, Lunch and Diesel cover art by Pat Moriarity.

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-92

Breakfast, Lunch and Diesel

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Lovanova // We're In This together

Lovanova is a instrumental combo driven by Paul “Evil” Kneevers’ Hammond Organ. Kneevers heavily hot-rodded Hammond draws upon the foundation of Hammond players like, Jimmy Smith, Booker T and Larry Young, then steps beyond these traditionalists in each screaming solo.  Lovanova is rounded out by the multi-faceted talents of veteran musicians Dave Schoepke, Joey Carini, and Sean Williamson.

With its landmark second album release, Lovanova stretches the boundries of musical definitions, twisting lounge, jazz, prog, jam, funk, and r&b into a swirling, driving and danceable experience. Starting with the easy sensibility of “Minty Fresh Breath” or ”Tha Nasty Thang,” to the majestic sonic landscapes created in “De Morteus” or “Nineteen G’s,” the album takes listeners on a truly unique auditory journey.

“Is Lovanova like Booker T. & The M.G.’s for prog rockers? Or prog rock for those still hung over from the ’90s lounge revival? Milwaukee punk and noise alum Paul “Evil” Kneevers calls his latest band’s style “lounge prog rock.” It’s a fitting designation for Lovanova and the monstrous tones of Kneever’s Hammond organ…”

-by Jamie Lee Rake Shepherd Express – June 7,2010

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-91

We're In This together

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The Giraffes // Ruled

Simply put, The Giraffes Ruled is the band’s epic, their most audacious disc to date.  Dating back to 2008, Ruled was conceived as a grand metaphor for something once mighty slowly dying – be it a country, a love or even a band –suffocating under the weight of lies (“The Bed”), avarice (“The Border”), broken promises (“The Counter”) and unmet expectations (“The City”.)  Fans of the band’s shout-along choruses and brutal rhythms, Lazars gravelly croon and razor-sharp wit, and Damien Paris’ 6-string pyrotechnics will find this to be their greatest, most coherent work.

Newcomers will have the perfect (and ample) introduction to the band in all their volatile glory.  A video for “The Border,” Ruled’s frenetic lead-off track, is slated to premiere to coincide with the album’s release on Tuesday May 17, 2011.

Additionally, the entirety of The Giraffes Ruled will also be available for the ROCKBAND GAMING SYSTEM.

The Giraffes Ruled – the band’s 5th full-length release – was produced by Joel Hamilton, and recorded and mixed at his Brooklyn studios the Bunker and the famous Studio G.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-90


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Bob Burns // Self-Titled

The long awaited solo album by Bob Burns is finally here! Bob Burns made his break during college teaming up with two of his college friends to create Bob Burns and the Breakups. After producing albums on various labels which in turn produced national tours, a music video, and a song featured on prime-time NBC television show “Trauma” the band parted ways. Bob Burns took some time off to finish college, get married, buy a house, and accidently write an album’s worth of songs. Bob Burns Self-Titled is the result of those songs. All songs are written and performed by Bob Burns. 12 tracks of pure punk rawk that keeps you wanting more!

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-89


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Fuck Knights // The Recorded By Gary Burger from The Monks EP

CD Version of CRST-87

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-88

The Recorded By Gary Burger from The Monks EP

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Fuck Knights // The Recorded By Gary Burger from The Monks EP

Four new songs by Twin Cities garage punk trio Fuck Knights and some of their strongest material to date. The songs were recorded this summer by Gary Burger of the legendary and influential 60’s garage rock band, The Monks.

“They specialize in primal punk rock, played at a breakneck pace with frenzied, fuzzed-out lead guitar riffs interspersed throughout.”–Real Detroit Weekly

“If you’d like to have your face blown off, but don’t want the cost and mess of a shotgun to the mouth…winning fans in the underground with a powder-keg brand of Punk Garage, merging the three-chord stomp of pre-Punk Nuggeteers with the ruthless velocity and in-your-faceness of early Hardcore brats like The Meatmen.”–Cincinnati City Beat

“Local power-trio Fuck Knights’ gut-punching punk rock flashes like a switchblade and cuts like one too.”–Minnesota Daily

“This is super lo-fi garage/punk rock n roll along the lines of The Black Lips, fuzzed out guitars abound with frantic leads throughout…It doesn’t get much simpler than this, but boy does it work!”–Maximum Rock and Roll Magazine

“Fuck Knights craft their ass-shaking, guitar-heavy sound from a time when rock was still dangerous. There are underlying surf and rockabilly influences, but what they really bring to the table is an animated beast that is ragged, angry, and a little warped, but still capable of a primal rock’n’roll melody.”–The City Pages

Seven Inch Record $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-87

The Recorded By Gary Burger from The Monks EP

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The Pimps // Fuck This Shit We're Outta' Here

The fourteenth studio album by Rockford, Illinois punk rock godfathers the Pimps but their debut release on Crustacean Records. Thirteen tracks covering their most addictive and best written songs to date. In their twelve year existence this Rockford band has seen a lot. Appearing on major movie soundtracks along side Metallica, Tori Amos, Limp Bizkit, The Foo Fighters and others. To getting signed by Hollywood Records in 2000 for a million dollar contract only to get dropped months later because the Disney owned company had an issue with the title of the album they delivered, More Songs About Drugs With Curse Words. To a three month tour with their one time Hollywood Records label mates freakin’ Insane Clown Posse. Since their major label years the Pimps invested the $600,000 they walked away from the major label with to buy the band living quarters in a Rockford apartment building also serving as their studio, practice space and offices. By keeping a steady schedule of 160 or more gigs a year they have managed to scrape out a living by playing their music and putting out records recorded in their own studio.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-86

Fuck This Shit We're Outta' Here

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Various Artists // My America: A Quincy Punx Tribute To Benefit the West Memphis Three

27 Quincy Punx covers by a who’s-who of the fertile Twin Cities music scene and the first unreleased recording by Quincy Punx in a decade. Besides Quincy Punx, the other artists include P.O.S., Off With Their Heads, 20 Dollar Love, The Ugly Fat Kids, 24 Reasons Why, Invasion Earth, John Ensley, Misery, Falcon Crest, American Rust, Total Fucking Blood, Ripsnorter, Red Means Fire, In Defence, Trapezoids, Virgin Whores, Tonnage, Big Bang Fury, 30 Second Crash, Patti Rhodes & the Mystery Kids, Mommy Says No, Pair of Sevens, Alcoholic Bomb Squad, Angel Dust, Building Better Bombs, Radioactive Chicken Heads and Paraplegics.

All sales revenue after costs are met go to the West Memphis Three Legal Defense Fund. A audio rock roller coaster ride of snotty, melodic punk from a variety of musical directions and all for a good cause to raise funds to overturn a miscarriage of justice.


CD $12 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-85

My America: A Quincy Punx Tribute To Benefit the West Memphis Three

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Various Artists // My America: The Vinyl EP

Four Quincy Punx covers by the cream of the Minnesota scene, P.O.S., 20 Dollar Love, Off With Their Heads and Torch The Spires. Including one track not on the CD version of the compilation. Pressed on clear splatter vinyl and limited to an edition of 500.

Seven inch records are expensive to ship so we need to get $7 postpaid for mailorder. But you can purchase additional copies bundled into one order for only $3 extra per record. So one copy cost $7. Two copies cost $10. Three copies cost $13 and so on. Add 3 USD for any international mailorders outside the US and Canada.

Seven Inch Record $7 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-84

My America: The Vinyl EP

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Screamin Cyn Cyn & The Pons // Damn, Girl

The third album of cabaret punk by this beloved Madison institution. Fifteen tracks of side-splitting, gender-bending music borrowing equally from punk rock, showtunes and keyboard driven indie pop.

“It’s in these moments of silliness that the band’s genius appears, transforming childlike observation into entertainment that’s both indulgently immature and for mature audiences only. To make a long story short, the band will have you in stitches all night but leave you feeling pensive by bar time. That’s especially true of the songs from their new album, Damn, Girl.”–Jessica Steinhoff, The Isthmus

“Behind the plastic-gem bedazzled gold acrylic nails is a band that appear not to take themselves very seriously. If they are serious about anything, it’s penning irreverent and offensive songs that poke fun at just about everything: trophies, hairdos, and cats that dig pop culture icons. This record may not be for everyone–our world music director describes it as painful. Hey, sometimes punk hurts, but this punk tickles.”KZSC Santa Cruz, CA Blog

“Bizzare theatrical punk rock filled with moments of absurdity and rife with curses, male versus female banter and cringe-worthy low budgetness.”–Bill Chenevert, Philadelphia Weekly

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-83

Damn, Girl

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The Giraffes // Show

A live show from the Giraffes finally captured on audio and video. The recording is from a hot July night last summer on the Giraffes home soil of Brooklyn, New York at the Union Pool in front of a full house of enthusiastic (boozed up) die-hard local fans. The show was shot with multiple cameras, multi-track recorded and professionally edited to finally capture the filth, the fury and the fidelity of a Giraffes gig. In addition to the live show, the DVD contains several titillating bonus features such a sit down & some shit talking with the band and the people that hate to love them, along with an “Alternate Ending” and an extra DRUNK version of “Million Dollar Man”.

Comes in a deluxe digipack packaged with a DVD and audio CD of the performance.

“The thing about The Giraffes is that all of these dudes can seriously play. They laugh at themselves throughout, joke about how sloppy they are, and if that’s true, they’re sloppy in such a way as to balance out the energy in what they do. In truth, The Giraffes are a remarkably fused unit, with all four members making a lot of riffs seem silly in comparison. I’m not usually much for live albums, but the recording on Show really does bring the best out of the band, and if you actually sit and watch the whole DVD and its charmingly-titled special features, there’s a good chance you’ll come out of it glad you did, which for a concert DVD is saying a lot.”–JJ Korzan, The Obelisk

DVD/CD Set $15 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-82


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Droids Attack // Must Destroy

The third full length album by the leading stoner metal band from Wisconsin. 9 slabs of impeccable riffs that perfectly straddles genres for maximum heaviness, energy and appeal.

“Countering the Madison, WI three-piece’s lighthearted approach is a serious commitment to the kickingest, spark-spittingest biker metal imaginable. The whole album is a love letter to early Sabbath, groovy boogies and the pentatonic scale.”–Etan Rosenbloom, Decibel Magazine

“Except for their punk-rock aggression, Droids prefer the primordial, keeping a strong whiff of blues and plenty of burly yelling at the front of the mix. Must Destroy hints many times that Droids appreciate variety, and generally stick to this formula anyway because that’s what’s fun for them.”–Scott Gordon, The Onion

“This is the type of shit you’d want blaring out of half blown speakers as your drag a near empty keg through your decimated basement, weaving in and out of passed out bodies, out the back door bleary eyed and slightly crispy from the night before. These dudes deliver music made for a major rager and have a sound that makes you feel like anything could pop off at any time of day.”–Mouth For War

“For a style of music known as being laid back, “Must Destroy” is certainly quick, like a muscle car speeding down the drag strip.”–Way Too Loud

“Once the monstrous, thunderous attack picks up, it’s impossible to shut it down. Must Destroy rolls insistently through nine lethal, deafness-inducing cuts of precision rock with no fences and no rest stops.”–Jordan Richardson, Seattle PI

“They certainly ain’t cutting their way through new terrain, but Droids Attack march down the sidewalk like a bulldog that’s just porked the cutest poodle on the block, and they’ve got the swingin’ nuts and snaggle-toothed grin to prove it. Obviously recommended and an early contender for one of 2010’s “records most likely to kick your party into full gear.”–Michael Wuensch, Metal Review

“They took everything that was right about their sound (which was pretty much everything) and jacked it up to the nines; the riffs are bigger which is something I didn’t even believe to be possible, the vocals are cleaned up and mostly devoid of screaming and hollering maintaining a focus on a gruff, mid-range that sounds natural and fitting for the sound, the rhythm section is busier and more bustling and the hum of organ can be heard on almost every song.”–Jay Snyder, Hellride Music

“What Droids Attack have on their third album is a successful meshing of solid, thick riff rock with an engaging, friendly mood.”–H.P. Taskmaster,

“In conclusion, a well-crafted album that has solid instrumentation and humorous lyrics. Sometimes, it’s best to not take yourself too seriously and Droids Attack excels with Must Destroy.”–Mind Over Metal

“Droids Attack are on their own though and this album is a step in the right direction for anyone who is willing to embrace its rock and roll roots and water them with punk attitude. There is a southern fried flavor that emanates from these riffs and that showers these songs with sleaze and a bit of that 70’s coked up vibe.”–Dead Sparrow

“The Madison, Wisconsin stoner rock prodigies return with their most accomplished album to date. After slaying hardcore fans for years, this nine-song masterpiece cements their status as one of the heaviest bands ever to emerge from the Midwest.”–CD Baby

CD SOLD OUT! postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-81

Must Destroy
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Mad Trucker Gone Mad // Born To Be A Trucker

The long awaited third Mad Trucker Gone Mad album almost a decade in the making. Twelve tracks of boozy psychobilly madness. Artwork by award winning illustrator Pat Moriarity.

“Sure it’s all a little over the top, but the Pat Moriarity cover art of a trucker flipping off the world should have told you that even before you put the disc in your CD player. Essentially Mad Trucker Gone Mad is the Reverend Horton Heat without a theology degree. If you’re looking for something other than a pedal-to-the-metal road race to hell and back, you should put Born to be a Trucker back on the shelf.”–Kiki Schueler, Local Sounds

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-80

Born To Be A Trucker

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Drunk Drivers // Balls, Sweat and Beers + 4 Times the Malt

A reissue of the Drunk Drivers earliest material. All 15 tracks from their first full length CD as well as their debut 6 song cassette. 21 tracks total for a very affordable Wisconsin classic that has been out of print for years. Features such crowd favorites as “Blatz Sabbath”, “Boys Got Balls”, “Down By The Corner”, “Any Alcoholic Beverage”, “Superhero Firefighter” and many others.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-79

Balls, Sweat and Beers + 4 Times the Malt

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20 Dollar Love // High Dr.

20 Dollar Love sweats Rock & Roll. They play raunchy, blues soaked, punk rock boogie, that can entice even the most prudish of music listeners to shake a pair (butt cheeks that is) on the dance floor. With an arsenal of riffs paying homage to the likes of Ted Nugent, The MC5, The Stooges, Cactus, and ZZ Top, 20 Dollar Love’s music harkens back to a simpler time.

High Dr. was tracked live to 2″ tape at Signaturetone studios in Minneapolis. The album has a very live, natural rock sound. Outboard effects & overdubs were used sparingly, and the result is a simply produced sonic bombast that captures raw energy and emotion. No digital interference happened until the album was mastered for CD.

The art was done by the world famous poster artist Dave Witt (Dwitt). Dwitt’s drawn and printed posters for Slayer, HankIII, High on Fire, Chuck Palahniuk, Anthony Bourdain, Dillinger 4, and Danzig. He also provided artwork for Guitar Hero II, and the nationally published book “The Art of Modern Rock”.

“Like an unholy cross between Ted Nugent, the Cramps and Motorhead — some seriously butt-kicking, attitude-spewing rock ‘n’ roll, in other words — 20 Dollar Love kicks out its second album and first for Crustacean Records, “High Dr.,” with a release party tonight at the Triple Rock. The trio’s growling frontman Nate Pischke pretty well sounds fixated on getting it on, in libidinous songs such as the title track and “The New National Anthem.” He deserves as much with all the swagger and sweat he poured into it.”–Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-78

High Dr.

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Imperial Battlesnake // Sentinels Of The Hardland

The Crustacean reissue of Imperial Batttlesnake’s Sentinels Of The Hardland album.

In the Hardlands of the Empire the weather beaten soil gobbles the toughest of seeds and births the most hardy of foliage. In kind, itsrugged, booze sodden denizens have produced the raddest of Metal progeny: IMPERIAL BATTLESNAKE. With razor-sharp guitar riffs and cast-iron vocals IMPERIAL BATTLESNAKE ride roughshod astride a rhythm section fervently dedicated to punishing dynamics. IMPERIAL BATTLESNAKE are the Sentinels of the Hardland and their 2ndfull-length compendium of asskicking battle-hymns bares that very title.

“Imperial Battlesnake marches across the wide expanse like Vikings, ready to plunder and pillage at every turn. Despite the images of swords, armor and dragons that might come to mind at first glimpse, there’s something undeniably urban about Sentinels of the Hardland, something that bespeaks the mean streets of the quintet’s Chicago home (not to mention a sly sense of humor), rather than the mountain plains of some fantasy world. Tunes like “Bainglorious,” “Druggernaut” and “Ship, Captain and Crew” conquer like meth-amped hoods as much as idiots with broadswords; barbarians aren’t restricted to one culture, after all. Singer J. West Nile, his voice buried in the mix, leads his troops into battle like warriors of the apocalypse, an into-glory-ride ethos astride a Harley Davidson. Raise your fist and yell.”–Michael Toland, Big Take Over Magazine

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-77

Sentinels Of The Hardland

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The Von Ehrics // Loaded

Loaded is everything you have come to expect from The Von Ehrics and more. It is raw, powerful and authentic. Gabe Aguilar’s drums mix lightning fast train beats with an all out punk rock style. Jeffery Wayne Mosley’s bass lines walk like country songs in a metal setting. Robert Jason Vandygriff’s vocal style is one that reeks of whiskey-drenched gospel. All of this is layered with driving guitars that don’t rest.

Lyrically The Von Ehrics are a bit more reflective at times on Loaded without straying too far from the unapologetic tone of whiskey, women and the road for which they are known. The record features guest appearances on lead guitar by Clayton Mills of Dixie Witch and Jake Middlefinger of Ghoultown on a smoking cover of Billy Joe Shaver’s “Old Chunk of Coal”. While Loaded uses the same formula that helped put The Von Ehrics on the map, it also shows that the band has more character and depth and will certainly be considered their best record to date.

All prices include shipping in the throughout the US and Canada. Oversees orders include $3 per order and $2 for every additional item ordered to cover shipping. Every mailorder comes with stickers, buttons and a free Crustacean Records label sampler on CD. Visa and mastercard accepted.

“While there is a familiar sound from song to song, there is a good amount of diverse guitar found on the disc. At times, there will be southern guitar strumming, acoustic guitar, and even a blistering sound of punk rock. They construct songs that surround stories that most likely are of personal experiences whether it is traveling on the road, love or relationships.”–Static Multimedia

“The songs make use of standard pop formulas driven by distorted guitars that vary between power chords that play up the band’s rock, punk, and metal roots (“A Week of Living Dangerously”) and full sounding bar and open chords (“Worst Is Over”) that bring out the country. But even deeper country roots surface in the rapid fire snare drum, walking bass lines, and Texas born vocal delivery. A playful, easy-to-swallow cocktail of country, rock, punk, and metal is what they aim for, and they hit the bullseye.”–

“Packed full of catchy hooks and relatively restrained vocals, there’s not a weak moment amongst the album’s 10 tracks.”–Dallas Observer

“Dallas cowpunks The Von Ehrics work the simplest of alt-country formulas: take the earlyJohnny Cash/Tennessee Three freight train rumble, speed it up, and distort the hell out of it.–Paste Magazine

“Add to the subject matter the greasy, grooving licks of these numbers, and you have an album that will make a punker go country and turn a cowboy into a tattooed biker with a scraggly goatee.”–Twangville

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-76


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The Skullcranes // Columbia Heights Nights

Releasing their fourth full length on Crustacean Records in May of 2009, The Skullcranes continue to pay homage to the “choice-ness” and the “faults depending on how you look at it” of where they are from. Columbia Heights Nights takes you on a ride in a huge gas guzzling pick up, drops you off at a bar where there is Belgian beer on special then slaps you around before leaving you at a giant house party in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis.

Loud, fast, beer and cars, enough said. Sleeves optional

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-75

Columbia Heights Nights

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The Giraffes // Prime Motivator

Prime Motivator, the 4th full-length from Brooklyn, NY surf-metal masters The Giraffes, is the band’s crowning achievement to date. Having made their name with the twisted riff rock of both Helping You Help Yourself (2002) and The Giraffes (2005), alongside the more theatrical and evocative strains of A Gentleman Never Tells (2003), the band unflinchingly unites the two styles on Prime Motivator.

Prime Motivator finds The Giraffes at the peak of their powers, as the quartet performs at new levels of precision, aggression, abandon and exuberance. Lyrically, Prime Motivator – particularly the title track – was inspired by lead singer Aaron Lazar’s multiple brushes with death in 2005 and 2008 (Lazar has a mysterious heart condition that causes him to literally drop dead without warning and has been outfitted with an implanted defibrillator as a precaution). The resulting record is an epic one; at turns urgent, belligerent, harrowing, oversexed, sardonic and sly, with the band’s characteristic swagger – and arsenal of memorable riffs – always in full effect. Wrapped in a decoder-style packaging that reveals extensive liner notes written by front man Aaron Lazar- Prime Motivator represents the very best The Giraffes have to offer.

Prime Motivator was recorded at the legendary Rancho De La Luna Studios (Desert Sessions) in Joshua Tree, CA by Dave Catching (Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan, Eagles of Death Metal, Mondo Generator) ; engineered by Ed Monsef; and features guest vocals from Jessie “The Devil” Hughes and Melissa Auf Der Mar. Prime Motivator was mixed by Joel Hamilton at Studio G in Brooklyn (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello) and mastered by Enoch Jensen at Eastlake recording in Boston.

“Prime Motivator seamlessly blends hard rock and dreamy atmospherics. It’s the most mature collection of songs the Giraffes have assembled in their 10 years making music together.”–Rich Albertoni, The Isthmus

“The Giraffes hail from Brooklyn, but their sound is total Midwestern crunch, strewn with debris and overloaded guitars. Add in a dash of desert stoner attitude and you get a decent impression of what the band is all about. Their new album, Prime Motivator, is a sprawling collection of riffs, electric guitar vibrato, and a gallon’s worth of sneering swagger. It’s been argued — and we’ve agreed — that the whole stoner rock genre is pretty oversaturated. But then a band like The Giraffes comes along and reminds you why so many other bands wanted to get into the same game in the first place.”Chicagoist

“To lump the Giraffes into one genre would be difficult if not downright impossible. On Prime Motivator, their fourth full-length, the Brooklyn-based rockers return with an album littered with stoner rock riffs, thunderous punk drumming and slick surf rock melodies…Prime Motivator is a perfect example of a band taking the manic energy and raw intensity of their live shows with them into the studio and coming out with a fist-pumping, bong ripping masterpiece.”

“Prime Motivator draws heavily from metal’s keen energy, but avoids most of the technicalities and mouth-breather aggression of that genre. Instead it deploys a sense for hulking garage rock and a primal sense of groove that pushes the effort into more straightforward hard-rock territory. Really, don’t waste any time figuring out its nomenclature or derivation. It’s not necessary, as getting into The Giraffes is anything but a cerebral affair.”

“Because The Giraffes are a notably intelligent band – definitely the quickest-thinking group working this territory – they were bound to turn to topical songwriting and social-critique. Lazar’s issues probably made the move feel pressing to everybody involved, and luckily, few groups perform urgency as well as these guys can. Guitarist Damien Paris gives the impression that you can plug him in and turn on the switch, and he will riff and shred eternally, at deafening volume and formidable speed, powered forever by some infernal battery. Andrew Totolos used to be a little ham-fisted behind the kit, but no longer: he can still hammer a snare as hard as anybody, but as the outro to “Clever Girls” proves, he’s gotten shockingly supple, too, almost (god forbid!) sophisticated. Traces of the gypsy-music, prog-rock, and surf-instrumentals that have always colored the band’s music are in sharper focus here, or maybe they’re just more judiciously-used – the metier remains heavy rock, and the group still slams home every note and phrase with the frenetic intensity of kids thwacking at a pinata.”–Tris McCall, Jersey Independent Music

“With five records, one gunshot wound and three heart attacks to their credit, this plucky Brooklyn band has earned its right to party like it’s 1983; the year Black Flag, Angry Samoans and other thrashy, proggy, so-called “hardcore bands” roamed the Earth, heedless of genre rules or their own well-being. That hard-living esprit finds a sexy flourish on these 13 tracks, as guitarist Damien Paris weds swaggering, ’70s-metal come-ons through infectious black comedies whose abiding concerns include ambulances, ICUs and the various routes to same. For a new definition of hardcore, consider the fact that the title song refers to the implanted defibrillator that keeps singer Aaron Lazar alive.”

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-74

Prime Motivator

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Crustacean Records: Drown Out The Daylights

Descend into the glorious depths of Midwest rock with venerable Madison, Wisconsin label Crustacean Records. The double DVD set features a 2 1/2 hour main feature of ten of its musical artists captured by a professional film crew in live performances and insightful and entertaining interviews. Along with many extras including footage of Crustacean’s 2008 SXSW showcase in Austin, Texas and a bonus DVD of archival material spanning the label’s entire fourteen year history. Featuring spell binding musical performances from American Death, Awesome Snakes, Birthday Suits, Droids Attack, Drunk Drivers, The Gusto, John Kruth, Ladybeard, Mad Trucker Gone Mad, Mucky Pup, Ouija Radio, Peelander-Z, Screamin’ Cyn Cyn & The Pons, Shotdown, The Skintones, Things Fall Apart and Uncle Eddie spanning punk, metal, pop, indie, garage rock, hardcore and Americana.

View the trailer:
Crustacean Records: Drown Out The Daylights

Original cover art by long-time Crustacean ally and award-winning cartoonist, Pat Moriarity. Price includes postage anywhere in the US or Canada and all orders include a label sampler and exciting schwag. Here is a bit of press out there for DVD if you would like to read the reviews: The Onion, On Milwaukee and 77 Square.

2-Disc DVD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-73

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Peelander-Z // Birthday Suits

A split 7 inch with new songs from Peelander-Z from New York City and Birthday Suits from Minneapolis. Each group of Japanese ex-pats deliver the goods with Birthday Suits offering up “Flying Man Y2K” and Peelander-Z with “Mad Tiger (Denton All Stars Version)”

“Fun, fun, fun. Two noisy, chaotic, and spazzy tracks by two Japanese ex-pat bands living in America, soaking in a light-hearted darkness. Peelander-Z: The weird thing about these dudes? No, not that they’re comic book characters or the “from another planet” thing, but a good portion of their songs seem to begin in the middle and end where you’d usually start a song. If the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had no special powers and Gummi Bear mouths (they could just gum you fiercely but look athletic doing it)… Birthday Suits: sound nothing like the following bands, but would fit perfectly on the bill: Scratch Acid, Shark Pants, The Causey Way, Japanther. When I say arty and noisy in this context, it’s not code for “shitty,” but tension and release, big-ass dynamics, a wall-of-sound that sounds much bigger than two humble dudes. Neat, neat, neat.–Todd Taylor, Razorcake Magazine #44

Split Seven Inch Record $6 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-72

Birthday Suits

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The Gusto // The Way It Is

The debut full length record by Madison punk rock quartet the Gusto. An impressive collection of twelve songs of melodic punk rock and roll with hints of hardcore and metal emanating from the guitars. Recorded here in Madison by Gavin Lefebvre (The Skintones, SevenOneFive), Declan Dwyer (Things Fall Apart) and Mark Witcomb.

“Most punk doesn’t exactly snap people’s heads around anymore, but Madison’s The Gusto rips right through the lethargy with classic grit. The group fuses its harsh instincts with melodic enthusiasm that more than lives up to its name.”–Scott Gordon, The Onion August 2007

“The Gusto are an-up-and-coming pop-punk outfit based out of Madison, WI. What separates them from the rest of the pack is the tightness and technical proficiency you’d find in a veteran group, yet these guys have only been together for a little over a year. The band recently cut a demo and has been touring across the midwest and east coast, unquestionably gaining new fans and impressing anyone lucky enough to catch their set.”–Editor’s Picks August 2007

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-71

The Way It Is

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Corruption is King // The Karmic Debt

The debut album from Corruption is King from Austin, Texas led by Scott McNearney of Rocket Fuel is the Key. Twelve tracks of anthemic yet mildly angular post punk. Possessing an urgent and gripping sound reminiscent of the greats: Quicksand, Failure, Helmet, Fugazi and Shiner, but all the while maintaining their own twist on noisy, thick-guitar rock. Corruption Is King’s sound bridges gaps.

Produced by John Agnello (Alice Cooper, Archers of Loaf, Bob Dylan, The Breeders, Clutch, Dinosaur Jr., Drive By Truckers, Jawbox, Jay Farrar, Mick Jagger, Social Distortion and many others)

“Sonically speaking, The Karmic Debt casts its lot with the first stone hurled. “Creeps Are Coming” is an ear-splitting, bottom-heavy sound-bomb capped with bloodcurdling, throat-shredding vocals. Corruption Is King’s key delineating factor is the fundamentally pop structures that often gird their songs‚ This is pop-punk restructured for violent civil unrest.”–Greg Beets, The Austin Chronicle November 2007

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-70

The Karmic Debt

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Screamin Cyn Cyn & The Pons // Screamin Target Heart Rate

The second album from this Madison cabaret punk sensation and their debut on Crustacean. 20 songs of sharp humor, clever song writing and garage punk rock downs. Featuring beloved staples of their live shows including Casual Friday, Set the Table, 20% Gay, Pedros and many others. Produced by Wendy Schneider at the renowned Coney Island Studios.

“Bookended by keytar instrumentals (“Intro” and “Outro” of course), the album captures the themes of the band’s live shows: Singer/suspenders enthusiast Shane O’Neill’s desire to be a kid and/or woman (“Slumber Party”): slightly crappy parties (“Pedro’s”); and whatever the fuck else O’Neill and frontwoman Cynthia Burnson feel like yelling about (“Fashion Bug”, “Tantric Sex”).”–Scott Gordon, The Onion

“Desperate, frantic, fab and furious, irrepressible art punks Screamin’ Cyn Cyn & the Pons still have the same fuck-all attitude that they displayed so gloriously the first time I saw them whipping up a small audience at one of Freddy Faggot’s open mikes down at Mr. Blues’ Anchor Inn…Think of the B52s without all the commercially pitched cutesiness, and you’ll have a pretty good idea what this wild party is all about.”–Tom Laskin, The Isthmus

“A metrosexual punk rock humor fest with nice colorful balls! These short power pop anthems command repeat plays and simply tease fun from every orifice!”–Andrew Frey, Maximum Ink

“Whoa. This album blew me away. Looking at the band’s name and the cover art I thought it might be some overly ironic hipster garbage. But no! This is actually a collection of hilarious, clever, pop punk songs (and lots of them! Twenty tracks!) performed with an almost alarming amount of energy and skill. My favorite track on the whole thing is the pro-dance, anti-standing-around anthem “Rock Your Body,” which includes the line “Get on the floor/ turn off the emo-core.” If my aerobics teacher had taste, this is what she would play during class.”–Jennifer Whiteford, Razorcake Magazine #39

“If you’ve heard this Madison, WI foursome’s debut, Babysit, or seen their silly but amusing video for “Transportation” on YouTube, you’ll know what you’re in for on this sophomore (or sophomoric?) effort. Led by manic, flamboyant, and uncouth Shane O’Neill, and his equally nutty and brassy counterpart Cynthia Burnson (whose penchant for yelling has earned her her nickname), their ultra-catchy, relentless, madcap pogo-rock is like a blend of B-52’s, Dickies, Rezillos and Dead Milkmen. Many of their bawdy songs sound like the rantings of juvenile, sex-crazed teens, also waxing poetic on vital topics such as slumber parties, workplace rituals, proper table settings, garbage day, weekend cruising and of course, getting drunk. The don’t take themselves seriously, and won’t inspire deep thinking. But they’re fun, infectious, and they really rock.”–Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover Magazine #61

“This Madison, Wisc., quartet oozes zany-brained, bop-happy irreverence that’ll make your teeth hurt. Cyn Cyn and company’s 2007 sophomore effort, Screamin’ Target Heart Rate, takes dead aim at drunken steno-pool harridans in ‘Pedro’s’ before injecting a ridiculous, cheerleader-style flatware count-off in ‘Set the Table.'”–Greg Beets, Austin Chronicle

“Oh, man. These four theatrical punks from Madison, Wis., stopped in Burque for one tour date and sent their disc to the Alibi for promo purposes. And it was absolutely one of the best albums we got all year‚Äîfrom anybody. Unintentional art rock, Screamin’ Cyn Cyn is funny, fast, poorly recorded and nearly perfect. Lyrics touch on slumber parties, panty-wearin’ cowboys and setting the table, but the occasional brutal twist launches these ditties well beyond the usual trash-talking.”–Marisa Demarco, The Alibi

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-69

Screamin Target Heart Rate

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Drunk Drivers // Model Citizen

The fourth and perhaps best record from these scene vets based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Eleven exceptional songs consisting of a smart, minimalist mixture of punk, classic rock and jerky post-punk; rich baritone vocals, overdriven bass, heavy guitar and drums with tasteful Farfisa licks and a rural vibe.

“Drunk Drivers’ sound contains genuinely serpentine swagger…equal parts Graceland, Jonestown and Waco exultation.”Pulse of the Twin Cities

“Drunk Drivers take what would normally be a pretty meat-headed sound and revive it with humor and conviction. Maybe it’s the kitschy keyboard or singer Nathan Brelsford’s balance of macho and sweetness, but the scruffy hard-rock base remains the main charm of the group’s new release, Model Citizen.”–Scott Gordon, The Onion

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-68

Model Citizen

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Hazard County Girls // Divine Armor

The Crustacean records reissue of Hazard County Girls Divine Armor album. Ominous southern gothic stoner metal rumblings from this New Orleans trio.

“A marvelously dark and brooding serving of hardcore gothic gloom-dom rock moodiness, done with a real skill and sense of incendiarty emotion that’s truly something to hear…The steady chugging beats and slow, snaky-crawling tempos get under a listener’s skin in a deceptively casual way. A very haunting, striking and overall most impressive album.”–Joe W., Jersey Beat

“What makes the New Orleans doom rock covern Hazard County Girls so fuzzily hypnotizing is the contrast between Christy Kane’s somberly veiled, cooly delivered vocals and the pendulous, rampaging storms stirred by Jen K.’s thunderbolts and Sharon Heather’s floor-shaking, staircase rattling drums.”LA Weekly May 2005

“Don’t expect some Daisy Duke, coquettish behavior from New Orleans’ Hazard County Girls. While this three-piece may be pleasing to the eye, the music they make is considerably grittier. What they do on Divine Armor is take the hefty doom-isms of early Sabbath and cross it with the alt-rock stylings of Concrete Blonde…Divine Armor is a solid slice of rock from New Orleans.”–John Pegoraro, Stoner

“The day of the heavy metal trio returns with Hazard County Girls, the guitar-bass-drums ensemble from New Orleans. Taking as their inspiration Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath, singer/guitarist Christy Kane, bassist Jennifer K., and drummer Sharon Heather play heavy rock with loud, distorted riffs and pummeling beats.”

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-67

Divine Armor

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Droids Attack // Fatal Error

So what exactly would happen if Page Hamilton of Helmet found a way to join Black Sabbath in the early 70’s? The answer could be Fatal/Error, the dynamic sophmore release from Madison’s Droids Attack. Delving into heavier and epic territory as the metal trio has grown into a mighty sonic levithan.

“Droids leader Brad Van is a one-man guitar army, filling rooms with a barrage of sludgy metal riffs and joyfully noisy solos. But what sets Droids Attack apart is its attitude that fun is just as important as badassery.”–Scott Gordon, The Onion

“As they stomp from “The Lord” to the ferocious “Steven Seagal” to the up-tempo metal boogie “Malachi Crunch”, the potent power trio establish a pounding pulse that doesn’t let up until the final chord of “Scythe in the Fire” decays in the midrange. In that sense, they’re the ultimate local moodists: The ride just one wave, and they ride into oblivion and beyond.”–Tom Laskin, The Isthmus

“The artwork to Droids Attack’s awesome Fatal/Error explains the album title as thus: scientist tries to teach a droid to use a knife to cut a carrot to disastrous results. Carnage ensues. The crew of a spaceship is butchered. Fatal/Error indeed.

It’s a simple, time-honored premise, and it sort of relates to the music within. Droids Attack borrows from Clutch’s Transnational Speedway, The Melvins’ Houdini/Stoner Witch/Stag trifecta, and the get-up-and-go boogie of Hognose or Lamont. To their credit, they do more than just shellac those sounds and call them their own. There’s something awesome the way opener “The Lord” keeps tacking on new, killer riffs, the way “Steven Seagal” makes me want to run around kicking things, and the way “Malachai Crunch” reminds me that I need to go buy more beer.

Fatal/Error is another example of a band taking the basics of good rock n roll and running with it. It’s been done a million times before, but Droids Attack still manage to leave their mark. This one’s going in the recommended pile.”–John Pegoraro,

“Fatal Error maintains the same rhythmic foundation of the first CD, but with tighter riffs and a distinctly sharper sound.”–Sarah Grant, Maximum Ink Magazine

CD SOLD OUT! postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-66

Fatal Error
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John Kruth // Eva Destruction

Produced by Paul “Evil” Kneevers the disc features 10 Kruth originals (with four instrumentals) and a cast of legendary Wisconsin musicians including Brian Ritchie and Victor DeLorenzo of Violent Femmes, Dan Kubinski of Die Kreuzen, Sigmund Snopek III, Paul Kneevers, Mike Hoffman of Semi Twang and the Carnival Stippers, John Frankovic of Plasticland, Jason Loveall of the Danglers, Jeff Hamilton of the Probers, plus members of the legendary Milwaukee Creative Music Ensemble and cellist Melissa Barnard of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Kruth’s mandolin is the driving force behind this wild mix of psychedelic and old world music. Eva Destruction Kruth’s 8th disc, also features the strange and wonderful cover art of surrealist J. Karl Bogartte.

“Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist John Kruth comes through with a commendably smart, catchy and intriguing album. Starting out with the beautifully melodic opening song ‘Eva Destruction,’ hitting a lush peak with the gently lulling ‘Ms. Chagall’, going all out spacey with the wonderfully groovy ‘Majestic Ganesh’, taking the listener to total sonic coolsville with the divine instrumental ‘Dinner Music for the Mob’, and concluding things on an exquisitely haunting note with the lovely and stirring ‘Night Train to the Ukraine’, this album delivers one surprising delight after another. Kruth’s smooth, soothing voice and sharp songwriting make for a potent double whammy. The gorgeously fluid, rich and heady melodies artfully blend a wealth of eclectic world music elements into a very tasty and complex synthesis. A real treat.”–Joe Wawrzyniak, Jersey Beat

“An engaging frontman playing everything from folked-up funk to blitzkrieg bluegrass”The Isthmus

“Madman of the mandolin!”San Francisco Guardian

“Kruth is Loudon Wainwright shoved into a blender with Allen Ginsberg and a mad scientist”Folk Roots, UK

“Kruth’s humor is sly with an understanding of how to craft a first class lyric.”The Star Ledger, Newark, NJ

“John Kruth’s ‘Eva Destruction’ (what a great title) is a knotty, complex, challenging album with as wild a variety of sounds as I remember hearing in one place in ages…All sorts of instruments figure into the stew. Kruth plays assorted varieties of mandolin, tin whistle, flute, harmonica and Moroccan goat horn. There are guitars (frequently processed to sound quite wierd), bass and drums of course, plus sitar, trumpet, tenor sax, banjo, organ and electronic sound of Moog and theramin. ‘Eva Destruction’ is not for the faint of heart or the purist. This is very adventerous fare the likes of which few can imagine let alone execute. Me? I like it as thorny as it is here. Big fun.”Sing Out Summer 2007 issue

“Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist John Kruth comes through with a commendably smart, catchy and intriguing album. Starting out with the beautifully melodic opening song “Eva Destruction,” hitting a lush peak with the gently lulling “Ms. Chagall,” going all out spacey with the wonderfully groovy “Majestic Ganesh,” taking the listener to total sonic coolsville with the divine instrumental “Dinner Music for the Mob,” and concluding things on an exquisitely haunting note with the lovely and stirring “Night Train to the Ukraine,” this album delivers one surprising delight after another. Kruth’s smooth, soothing voice and sharp songwriting make for a potent double whammy. The gorgeously fluid, rich and heady melodies artfully blend a wealth of eclectic world music elements into a very tasty and complex synthesis. A real treat.”–Joe Wawrzyniak, Jersey Beat

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-65

Eva Destruction

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Skintones // This is Science

This is Science continues to refine the Skintones unholy trifecta of punk, metal and dark humor with just enough pop and classic rock sensibilities to appeal to the masses. It features hard rocking staples of their live set such as SLA, Freak on Me, Down South, Aegean Breeze and others.

“The Skintones get heavier and even more confrontational on their new album, This is Science. Sometimes it is difficult to know when the band is being serious and when it is having a go at stereotypes. “BJs For Free” could be categorized as a misogynistic rant about the so-called rights of rock stars to be serviced at will, but its ironic, self-deprecating tone actually taunts rock-star entitlement. “Down South” likewise attempts to break barriers by slinging cliches and caricatures. (Or maybe the band really does have contempt for the trailer-dwelling Southeners.) The twisted humor hits a high point seven songs in: “California Hangover” imagines the debauchery that might ensue should The Skintones relocate to the West Coast, while the next track starts with a profanity-laced phone prank leading into “SLA (sick leave abuser)”, a tune that could be a bizarro-world Cheap Trick cut.”–Scott Gordon, The Onion

“The next chapter in the great book of the Skintones has been written, and its solid production, sexy guitar lines and silly banter are poised to both augment their impressive fan base and keep those of us already bowing at the alter of the Skintones reaching for the volume knob to crank it up just one more notch. This is Science is stacked with riffage galore.”‚ÄîTim Thompson, Rick’s Cafe

“The Skintones are probably capable of delivering mellow strumming and sweet trilling, but you won’t find any of that wimpy, girlyman stuff on This is Science, the Madison trio’s third CD. This is punk-metal at its most economical, a blunt thump of raw power that draws blood with every thrusting power chord and steely bass line…the Skintones do fear and loathing so convincingly, it’s easy to forgive their fascination with the crummy side of life.”‚ÄîTom Laskin, The Isthmus

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-64

This is Science

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Things Fall Apart // We Are All...

A new four song EP by this intense Madison, Wisconsin punk quartet. Technically advanced hardcore with screemo tendencies and passionate, relevant lyrics that hit home. Strong stuff.

“As with their past efforts the style here is a blend of metallic indie rock/emo-tinged hardcore/punk with plenty of energetic melody, but the relatively unique vocal performance has improved tenfold, as has the recording quality, and the songwriting feels more focused and memorable overall. So basically this is an absolutely stunning 15 minutes of material that leaves me extraordinarily eager to hear more.”Aversion Online

“This CD is all hand-made silk-screened on a fold-out cardstock cover with sticker and lyrics and such inside. It is the kind of packaging that appeals to me, but these days you never know what sound or genre you are in for. I was pleasantly surprised to find this to be a great mix of hardcore punk that ranges from the discordant, to heavy, from the screemo to the catchy and melodic. All totally solid, full of energy and super fucking good. The diversity is great and the combination works so well. It is one of my favorite CDs this time around though it tends to be much on the melodic emo hardcore tip of the late ninties than I normally go hog wild over. A nice refreshing change of pace though.”–Slug and Lettuce Summer 2006 issue

“Things Fall Apart are a great hardcore band and have released another great album. This album is pure hardcore all the way. They have very heavy choppy guitar sounds with thick bass grooves and hard hitting solid drum beats that really help push their music in your face. The vocals are done in a mid ranged hardcore scream style that is full force & aggressive sounding. I liked all the change ups & breakdowns they add to their sound. If there is a new wave of hardcore bands on the rise I’m sure these guys will be a the front of that wave. A must for hardcore fans everywhere!!!”Treats From the Underground August 2006

“Things Fall Apart is from the laid-back college town of Madison, WI and play a genre-blurring hybrid of punk/hardcore and duel riffing metal. All four songs are fairly interesting and have plenty of pull-off riffs that remind me of chaotic metal and hardcore bands without being overly heavy. The lyrics are politically charged and are a good accompaniment to the hurried nature of the songs.”Punk Planet on-line reviews #76

“Four songs at over fourteen minutes of any kind of music, even when well done, tries my attention span a bit, but this has won me over. Lots of guitar, intelligent lyrics, and an overall pretty heavy feel. Gruff vocals feel like they could come from San Diego (think Tiltwheel or Dan Padilla) or Florida (Tim Version), but I’m guessing they
e out of the Midwest, as Crustacean is based out of Madison, WI (and has been putting out some great stuff). Gorgeous packaging, and well worth seeking.
” – Megan Pants, Razorcake Magazine

“Everything about Things Fall Apart screams raw power. From the gruff vocal cords of vocalist Jethro Ford to the dizzying riffs provided by Chris Langbehn and frenetic rhythms kept by drummer Declan Dwyer, We Are All… is an energetic four-song kick in the ass…Don’t make my mistake — don’t sleep on the power and intensity of Things Fall Apart.”–Anchors, PunkNews.Org

CDEP $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-63

We Are All...

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Various Artists // We Will Bury You: A Tribute to Killdozer

Our double disc Killdozer tribute we are releasing in conjunction with our friends at -ismist Recordings. Two previously unreleased Killdozer tunes in the form of a bad ass cover of Disco Inferno and a Butch Vig remix of the old Killdozer classic, King of Sex. Also features 26 Killdozer covers from Red Max, Powerwagon, Cash Audio, Kung Pao, Mt. Shasta, Season to Risk, Scrid, The Ed Gein Fan Club ft. Tom Hazelmyer, Leopold, Elvis ’77, Ninja School, Haze XXL ft. Paddy Costello, Meatjack, Brainerd, Wendy Bugatti, No Moss, The JJ Paradise Players Club, Gorch Fock, Corruption is King, Droids Attack, Rocket Fuel is the Key, Hunchback, IfIHadAHiFi, Speedloader, The Skintones, echo-static and liner notes by Butch Vig.

2-Disc CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-62

We Will Bury You: A Tribute to Killdozer

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Ouija Radio // Oh No...Yes Yes

The much anticipated third album from Minneapolis female fronted indie rock powerhouse, Ouija Radio. A sublime eleven song collection that broadens their sound immensely with reverberations of the blues, jazz and a deep appreciation for the good side of classic rock. Recorded by Jacques Wait at Terrarium Studios and sounds amazing.

“With a vocalist who shouts, shrieks, and screeches like the evil and naughty younger sister of Poly Styrene, Siouxsie Sioux, Exene Cervenka, and Dinah Cancer, Ouija Radio traverse a musical landscape that’s riddled with frightfully blaring rhythmic ferocity and sensual, yet beastly, melodic infectiousness. “Oh No…Yes! Yes!” is a whirling madhouse carnival of maniacal whims, sinful urges, and lustful depravity crammed into a towering wall of amplifiers and bursting with frenetically loud joy. It’s a melodiously vibrant conglomeration of Post Punk, New Wave, Goth, Psychedelia, Industrial, demonic Pop, and Rock N’ Roll. Without a doubt, Ouija Radio have unleashed the ultimate audio temptation!”–Moser, Under the Volcano Magazine

“Strange and wonderful things happen when you use an electronic device to fuck about with the occult. Ouija Radio indeed. Twenty minutes into it and there’s already dead folks dancing all up the walls and swinging to and fro on the light fixtures. Ghosts are somewhat hard to identify when they’re going nutzo like that, but I could have sworn I saw Siouxsie over in the corner there (hope she’s OK).But enough about the dead and dancing. I’m giving this disk Five full stars. Why? Cuz that’s all I’ve got to give! No, ‘Why?’ …well, cuz this band has it all, and they’re smart about dishing it out. I feel rocked but not battered, sexed but not abused, and nostalgic without “deja vu”. Ain’t a drug in the world that can do all that, baby.I’m never one to subscribe to the concept of “favorite bands”, but my ghosts are advocating an exception… at least for the next few days.”–Joe Savory, Chain-Whipped Magazine

“I’m happy to say Ouija Radio somehow managed to put a punk rock twist on the music genre of the “working man”. Vocalist Christy Hunt teeters on the edge of Siousxie while she belts out notes that Robert Plant would be proud of. Yes, some of the music actually resemble the mathematical sense of Rush. All in all, a very versatile record!”–Rita, Big Wheel Magazine October 2006

“The newest addition to Crustacean Records roster, Minneapolis natives Ouija Radio, is creating something entirely fresh with audacious riffs, infectious hooks and a dedication to incredible tone. The songs are post-punk, new-wave flavored concoctions that meld the Pretenders with the Kinks and then smash the whole thing into ground, churning it through severe reverbs and overdriven amplifiers. The resulting CD, Oh No Yes!Yes!, is manic, fun, groovy and addictive….”Oh No Yes! Yes!” is at times delicate, at times raging, at times gorgeous and at times ferocious. But through the whole journey, a core of creative exploration and artistry bleeds through, giving you a glimpse into the soul of this sometimes giddy, sometimes morose, always entertaining band.”–Tim Thompson, Rick’s Cafe October 2006 issue

“Based on the assortment of sounds on “Oh No…Yes! Yes!”, it’s definite that Ouija wants to make sure you’re not bored. They power their way through an extensive range of sound and influences, from surf to punk to new wave to cabaret, with even a liberal amount of thick sludgy psychedelic rock dropped in for good measure. It’s lush and tasty, and the vocals of Ouija Radio frontwoman Christy Hunt are the sweet icing on this bit of cake….If you’re a fan of music, I mean simply a fan of music, whether it be punk, rock, folk or a bit of it all, then get this one. These three define their sound and then defy it. It’s lush, layered and well-orchestrated, yet easy to simply enjoy. That makes it perfectly punk. An indie band going for this sound would only end up making something that took too much work to appreciate.”

“Christy Hunt is the frontwoman of Minneapolis trio Ouija Radio, which means that sometimes she helms a monstrously catchy thrash-rock band, and sometimes she leads a quirky piano-pop group. When listening to their latest release, “Oh No…Yes! Yes!”, I imagine Hunt’s hand reaching out to operate a switch on a ghostly radio, modulating the sound of her band between an FM version of Ouija Radio‚Äîcompetent, instantly understandable, hit-making‚Äîand an AM version of the group‚Äîeclectic, unexpected, and occasionally overreaching. Over the FM bandwidth, the Ouija Radio sound is a speed-racing power-punk engine driven by drummer Charles Gehr’s inventive percussion. Hunt’s voice is a throaty, soaring wail with muscle enough to stand up to the funhouse frenzy of her guitar playing. But for their AM sound, the powerful rhythm section recedes into the background while Hunt’s effects-warped vocals share the spotlight with a variety of synthesizer melodies.”–Sara Askari, City Pages

“I’d say it’s safe to say that this Minneapolis trio isn’t like anything you’ve heard in a while. Vocalist Christy Hunt gives an all out performance that would make Dinah Cancer proud. I’d go so far as to say that if you have anything by 45 Grave in your collection then you will love Ouija Radio. I would call this a psychedelic goth album if there is such a thing. And, if there isn’t, well there is now.”Ear Candy Mag

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-61

Oh No...Yes Yes

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Awesome Snakes // Venom

An amazing blast of electro garage punk based on the core belief that snakes are fucking awesome. Mastered by Dave Gardner at Magnteo Mastering to sound twelve times larger than life and a guest track from P.O.S. of Doomtree/Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Hit record of the summer.

“A bass-and-drums duo from Minneapolis, Danny Snakes and Annie Awesome write gritty, lo-fi punk songs about snakes and things that are awesome. The logic and genius of the concept is beyond reproach; the fuzzy melodies, screeching vocals, and power-pop choruses are even better.”The Onion

“Annie and Danny have put a together a gratifyingly gritty cup of vodka lemonade whose mix of stripped-down punk rockets and sampled bits of dialogue delivers all the heaviness of Death From Above ’79 without any of the art school pretensions…(Venom)it’s a tight and virtually flawless little package”–Steve McPherson, Pulse of the Twin Cities

“But aside from the impudence and witty lyrics, the music is so gritty, so gnarly, so banging that they convinced me that snakes really do kick ass and that I should like them and if I don’t I’m a fucking asshole.”–Tim Thompson, Rick’s Cafe

“Lo-fi, furious, primal garage-rock voodoo…exciting and effed-up that makes most of this year’s releases on Fat Possum redundant.”Alternative Press #220

“Yes! Ex-Soviettes members rock it like looks could kill. This bass/drums/vocals duo keep the minimalism to a minimum and write some authentically catchy punk-rock songs. Worth owning, for sure.”Sliver Magazine

“Herky-jerky drum-and-bass-powered noise from two Soviettes. It’s smart-arsed, snotty, arty and funny.”Maximum Rock and Roll #281

“Great. Two piece lo-fi madness, both members playing hookey from the Soviettes while they are on hiatus. For just being a two piece, they sound like a loud rocking outfit on this release. The lyrics go from tongue-in-cheek to absolute nonsense, with most of the songs actually being ABOUT snakes. Laughs abound, and this is a good rocking release.”Slug and Lettuce Fanzine Autumn 2006

“There’s something refreshing about a band who knows exactly what to be, what to do and what to do best. There’s also something great about bands that stick to the maxim of “leave ’em wanting more.” Soviettes side project, The Awesome Snakes, who have the most appropriate band name in the history of band names, has both qualities. “Venom” squeezes 15 tracks into a 24-minute record, and the whole thing is over before you realize you’ve been attacked by two dangerous rock ‘n’ roll vipers. This is music to pogo to, danceable hard rock that is swift, efficient and most importantly, fun.”Rift Magazine

“In addition to having an, er, awesome, gimmick going for them, the Snakes also have an impressive style, playing drums and bass so quickly and loudly that listeners almost don’t notice there are only two instruments in the mix, Danny’s sly punker chatterboxing punctuated by Annie’s cheerleader choruses, aided by ample use of found-sound samples.–Jon Ferrer, Skyscraper Magazine #23

“Fact: snakes are awesome. Fact: getting awesome is awesome. Fact: a snake that is awesome is doubly awesome or perhaps even awesome squared. The side projet of Dan and Annie of Minneapolis’ Soviettes, Awesome Snakes kick out the jams in a major way. In a fuzzed up and confrontationally comedic dose of garage bangers and pogo punk punishers Venom is deadly. With themed song titles including “Snakes vs. Jerks”, “It Would Be Awesome if We Weren’t Here”, and “You Don’t Like Snakes, I Don’t Like You” how could you not love this? Bonus factors include a handful ofknee-slapping samples and a cameo appearance from MPLS local hip-hop icon, P.O.S. It seems as though ruling is priority number one for this duo, and with their ever-shredy fangs, they most definitely get er’ done.”–Brian Moss, Punk Planet #79

CD/VINYL now released by Stand Up! Records postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-60

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Rocket Fuel is the Key // Stroke of Genius

The long awaited second record from this Kansas City juggernaut. Bruising post punk in the tradition of Shiner, Fugazi, Quicksand and old school Am Rep. Catchy yet challenging hard rock backed up by more than ample bile and energy.

“This band is dissonant, angry, hard and tight ¬? a ‘power trio’ of nuclearcapabilities.”
– S.T., Lollipop Magazine


“Rocket Fuel Is The Key are indeed quality K.C. (Kansas City) noise, and were Fugazi less dogmatic and more psychotic, they’d aspire to sound like this.”
– Adem Tepedelen, The Rocket

“Remember Fugazi at their Noisiest best? Remember what Drive Like Jehu was goingto sounds like? Rocket Fuel Is The Key does. But while the comparisons are easy,the music goes far beyond these boundaries. These are three angry lads, and theyplay with the mechanized ability of a drum machine.”
– Derek McEwen, Vox Magazine

CD $6 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-59

Stroke of Genius

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IfIHadAHiFi & Modern Machines // Hot Nuggets

The CD version of our new split release with the two best things out of Milwaukee since Laverne and Shirley! One original tune from each band, one try at doing each others songs and four cover songs each from these two compelling acts. Mastered by John Golden and original art by Ryan Kodzik.

“Having no fuggin’ clue what to expect from this split release, it was satisfying to hear-gasp-authentic sounding punk from Modern Machines, a rally-cry mix of early eighties Bad Religion and Hot Water Music. Such a rare treat it was, IfIHadAHiFi fell off the radar for a few days. Not to be outdone, further exploration revealed great worth in the latter’s tracks as well, emerging from several points of reference. IfIHadAHiFi are punk indebted, but also scratchy and addicting, spreading their noise like a skin rash, brining to mind such disparate groups as Red Light Sting (“That’s Almost Premeditated”) and even Motorhead with synths draped over Lemmys mole (“Sleep!”). When crammed into the same tight-fitting package both groups truly shine, compensating for each other’s weaknesses and lending variety neither could achive on their own. Holy Lord, the split format strikes gold again!”–Grant Purdum, Skyscraper Magazine #22

“Yep! The best and by far most ridiculous band in Milwaukee (Modern Machines) team up with IfIHadAHiFi for a CD that is roughly comparable to Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Yes, it’s just that good! They cover each other’s songs, Mission of Burma, random other stuff and it sounds so good! Modern Machines play music that sounds like Husker Du, Bruce Springsteen and the Devil Dogs (yes strange, but true), and IfIHadAHiFi plays music that sounds like Milwaukee plus Mission of Burma!”–Maddy, Razorcake Magazine #34

“As much as this split release pleases, it also leaves you wanting. With both bands playing one original and five covers you get a feel for their sound, but not what they can do as songwriters. In the case of If I Had a Hifi, that sound is noisy, danceable punk. Modern Machines graft an ’80s Midwestern punk-rock sound to garage rock. It makes for a fun record that has me wanting more from both bands.”–Punk Planet Magazine #75

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-57

Hot Nuggets

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Below The Sound // Three

Precise, mathy noise punk. Think classic Amphetamine Reptile bands. Think Unsane with an increased appreciation for subtlety and melody. Imagine a more nimble version of Helmet with tighter focus. Now think even better than that and being three guys from Albuquerque.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-56


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Ouija Radio // Last Night On Earth

The Crustacean reissue of Ouija Radio’s second record, originally released in 2004.

The fantasy and magic of life is what makes Ouija Radio so unique. Crafty songwriting, a dose of witchcraft, the intrigue of sex appeal, and a tremendous amount of rock action are the elixirs for this potent cocktail.

This is not your average power pop rock band! There are ten songs on “Last Night on Earth” and none of them are “filler”. Ouija Radio have identified themselves as a powerful female fronted rock group that isn’t afraid to delve into a little spellbinding to get the job done.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-55

Last Night On Earth

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The Soviettes // LP

The vinyl reissue of their stunning debut album from 2003. The CD version is still on California’s Adeline Records, but Crustacean is pressing the vinyl.

Listen to the beginning of this fast rising Minnesota quartets’ upward trajectory into the punk rock big leagues. Fourteen energetic tracks of sublime pop melodies and catchy, confident song writing.

12" $12 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-54

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SevenOneFive // We Don't Feel Like This For Free

“Full of fuck-off attitude and kiss-my-ass brashness, this isn’t music for the timid” – the Onion, Vol 41, n28. <br/> <br/>Pure hedonism from five northern Wisconsin exiles who coalesced on the Isthmus into Madison’s premier punk rock practitioners. Drawing musically on everything from 80’s hardcore to early Guns and Roses’ and covering the lyrical bases from railing against Republican scumfucks to the glories of better living through chemistry.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-52

We Don't Feel Like This For Free

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Killdozer // The Last Waltz

Originally released on now defunct Man’s Ruin Records in 1997, Killdozer’s “The Last Waltz” remains the legenardy Madison slo-core pioneers one and only official live recording.

It has been completely out of print since 2000 and Wisconsin label Crustacean records is proud to present a completely remixed, remastered and repackaged CD version. A historic document of this hugely influential bands final tour approriately titled The Fuck You We Quit Tour.

“This is a live recording of their final show from 1996, and you can’t help but think that a mini-revival could result from a decent airing of this thing. I know they have pockets of resistance in the Midwest to this day…”–Maximum Rock and Roll #275

“Listening to them now still sends some shivers up my spine. It’s heavy like the Melvins with remnants of Scratch Acid and Big Black falling out of the amps. Like Shellac on a bad trip, Killdozer made rock and noise, sludgy and grungy, but not in the Seattle way, in the dirt of the bathroom floor kind of way”–The Big Takeover #58

“Man, was I missing some killer stuff! The comparisons to late 80’s Melvins is somewhat appropriate, although Killdozer exhibits way less of an overt Black Sabbath influence. You can clearly hear their affect their noisy, untamed grooves had on later bands like Unsane and Fudgetunnel.”–Punk Planet #73

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-51

The Last Waltz

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Killdozer // The Last Waltz

This is the red vinyl version

Red 12 inch record $12 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-50

The Last Waltz

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Moi // Self-Titled

Smooth and refined vocals channeled from the glam side of rock and roll. Updated and purely sexified for your aural pleasure. Not to be outdone, Royce’s band spices up the disc nicely with sonic treats throughout the entire CD.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-49


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American Death // Transmission Impossible

country. punk. rock and roll. tales for the common man,tales of heartache and stories of americana gone wrong.”Alt-country in only the loosest sense, American Death is really a solid punk band with good sense to shake things up by injecting Americana and honky-tonk bits. Expect the usual fire and shake from a trio that thrives live as much as it shines on record.” -The Onion

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-48

Transmission Impossible

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System and Station // In The Twilight

The final record from former Crustacean Records mainstays System and Station. Eleven songs of the trademark grandiose, thinking man’s indie rock that defined their career and perfectly balanced cerebral song structures against frantic energy and melody. A fond farewell indeed!

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-47

In The Twilight

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Way Off The Horse // The UN-SOUGHT-AFTER LEVEL

Description coming soon...

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-46

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The Hoodwinks // Clean, Lean, and Holy

Side project features members of Ladybeard and American Death getting their big-guitar rock fix on!Tracks: Unwind; It Gets Up; Pillow; Wishing Well; Ex-Girlfriend; 44 (sourgrapes); TGFR&R; Space

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-45

Clean, Lean, and Holy

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26 // The Messiah

This is what Doc Corbin Dart does now. He was the founding and only constant member of legengary Michigan psychedelic punks the Crucifucks. Similar to mid-period Crucifucks like the “Wisconsin” LP on Alternative Tentacles, but even better. 26 is here. The Messiah has left the building.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-44

The Messiah

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Droids Attack // All Your Chicks Are Belong To Us

Prepare yourself for the invasion by Madison’s premier robot enthusiasts delivering their signature punk/stoner metal amalgamation. A whup ass power trio that knows how to balance energy, heavy riffs and irresistible melody all at once. Resistance is futile so let the ladies go with who they want.

CD SOLD OUT! postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-43

All Your Chicks Are Belong To Us
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Skintones // Never Get Better

Second full length from Crustacean recording artists the Skintones. This time around the Madison, Wisconsin power trio delivers nine immaculate rock songs with their trademark dark smirking lyrics and pyschofuzzcore sound. Winner of best Hard Rock/Metal album as well as best Hard Rock/Metal group at the 2005 Madison Music Awards.

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-42

Never Get Better

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Things Fall Apart // Things Fall Apart

The 7 song debut by this exciting four piece whose sound gives serious nods to classic hardcore punk, but yet is so now. Things Fall Apart perform with a voracious intensity, and raw energy playing host to sharp, honest, and conscious lyrics.

CDEP $6 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-41

Things Fall Apart
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Drunk Drivers // Bourbon Legend

Formed out of the ashes of legendary Eau Claire bandsThree Liter Hit and Venison, Drunk Drivers took theWisconsin punk scene by storm in 1995. Rowdyperformances bordering on riotous backed up by greatsongs combining punk, good old 70’s FM radio andinventive, minimalist post-punk guitar workreminiscent of Wire and Mission of Burma. All that andfronted by the rich baritone vocals and smooth stagepresence of Nathan Brelsford and firmly supported bythe instrumental core of Venison who have been playingtogether like a well oiled machine for over fifteenyears. Over a decade into the Drunk Drivers careerthey show no signs of slowing down or sobering up.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-40

Bourbon Legend

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Shotdown // Whiskey Business

Classic Rolling Stones, Motorhead and Thin Lizzy asinterperted by five rock veterans raised on a steadydiet of punk and metal. A veritable Wisconsinsupergroup featuring members of The Brass Tacks, MadTrucker Gone Mad, Brainerd, Merrick, Ladybeard and theBon Squad. They disbanded after their final show atthe High Noon Saloon in June of 2005, but they leftone hell of a rock and roll album behind to beremembered by.

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-39

Whiskey Business

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Live at the Anchor Inn

An audio document of a time and a place. Madisoncirca the early 2000’s, down to only one 21 and upvenue for the vibrant indie/punk scene and it was Mr.Blue’s Anchor Inn. This fine compilation features awho who of the Madison scene like The Skintones,Funrod, SevenOneFive, Brainerd, Drunk Drivers, UncleEddie, The Gammits MW, Way Off the Horse as well asgreat touring acts like Riddle of Steel and The BambooKids.

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-38

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Brainerd // There's No Eye in Pussy

<br/>The stomping debut from Madison’s very own fucker family mountain cult. Think Motorhead getting wasted with Black Flag and David Bowie and you might be in the right neighborhood. Features members of Shotdown, Mad Trucker Gone Mad, Striking Irwin, Fuzzdolly, Clip the Daisies, The Brass Tacks and The Bon Squad.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-37

There's No Eye in Pussy

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Big, Big Furnace // Losing You

Description coming soon...

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-36

Losing You

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echo-static // empty places

The debut album by this Madison indie rock quartet. Sultry yet sinister female vocals backed up amazingguitar work.

“Empty Places is an inspired, kaleidoscopic opus ofsurging guitar ingenuity and dynamicism, vibrantrhythmic pulsations and luxurious, ultra-cool vocalpanache.” Mike Breen, Cincinnati CityBeat

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-34

empty places

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Skintones // Rock Scene Problem

The debut Skintones album featuring classics like H Bomb, Showbiz, Sub Patrol, Scrips and others.

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-33

Rock Scene Problem

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Way Off The Horse // Das Disappointment

Description coming soon...

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-32

Das Disappointment

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Electric Automatic // Be My Battery

If rock and roll is fun, then Electric Automatic is rock and roll. “Be My Battery” is the first full length album from the heartland’s two favorite southpaws. The first installment from the power duo is a flowing hodge-podge of finger snapping ditties, two minute rockers, heartfelt ballads, and fun, funky goodness. Plug into the party.

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-31

Be My Battery

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System and Station // Compiling the #7

Something old, Something new. A Collection of brand new material with assorted singles, b-sides and compilation tracks previously unreleased on cd. “System and Stations’ strength is definately in their dynamics. Their ability to go from fast to slow, hard to soft, and morose to triumphant……..”

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-30

Compiling the #7

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American Death // Hem and haw

Twang and politics don’t always mix well, but the Milwaukee band American Death wears it’s manifesto on it’s sleeve without being overbearing. It’s debut full length Hem and Hew is a brief but pointed half hour of post-punkabilly that melds a yee-haw musical sensibility with thoughtful lyrics. In case those lyrics aren’t clear enough, the liner notes include a short treatise: “We have to teach children that being different is not only okay, but better.”

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-29

Hem and haw

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Big Big Furnace // Soundtrack to a Midwestern Winter

Based out of central Wisconsin, these emo-popsters deliver home a solid one-two punch of midwestern indie music at its finest. Their parents sure are proud of them and think the album is “very nice.” So if you are into heartfelt indie-rock, have a sense of humor, do not have a mullet, and like to be rocked just hard enough to get your booty thumpin’ in a post-rock sort of way….. b2f are your new found soul mates!! they are ready to love you!!

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-28

Soundtrack to a Midwestern Winter

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Ivan Klipstein // Lifestyle!

Often inadequately described as “eclectic”, Ivan Klipstein´s songs exist in a world all their own where the music is all that matters, and if you want to call it something, that’s up to you. The brand new “Lifestyle!” is his third album, and clocks in at approximately 16 songs and about 70 minutes. Sweetly serenaded lullabies, tongue-twisting raps, and wall-of-sound rock… all presented with Ivan´s unique voice, delivery, and undeniable melodic sensibility. The kids dig it, and so do the old folks. Come find out why.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-27


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System and Station // Pictures found in Paragraphs

System and Station’s new album, “Pictures Found in Paragraphs” is an amazing leap from their debut EP, “Prospects of Living Daily.” The concept is the same; a rock and roll band that gives equal weight to rhythm, melody and vocals, creating long, flowing songs that capture the listener in their vocal prose and hypnotizing melodies. “Pictures Found in Paragraphs” simply does this on a grander scale. Ryan’s vocals, from angry to afraid to reflective are a wonderful companion to the melodies that swirl, scream and fade as the listener eagerly awaits a rhythmic climax that comes quickly and fades quickly……too quickly.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-26

Pictures found in Paragraphs

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System and Station // Common or Relative

Recalls the “glory days” of independent rock. The band tempers it’s progressive side with a punchy, melodic attack reminiscent of “strings” era Superchunk. (think Superchunk meets Fugazi, meets Flaming Lips, meets Unwound)

7 $6 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-25

Common or Relative

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Mad Trucker Gone Mad // The Black Album

The long-awaited follow-up to the smokin´ debut from the kings of psycho-billy. On this new effort (known as the “Black” album) the Truckers refine and sharpen their sound, mutating into a new form, breathing hi-octane attitude. “Mad Trucker” has opened a whole new category; addicting stuff… buy if you dare.” – Impact Press

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-24

The Black Album

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Uncle Eddie // Uncleddium

A diverse flowing collection of songs that leaves the listener fending for more. “Maybe the second coming of Firehose…” – Eric Wood, Chakala

CDEP $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-23


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Big, Big Furnace // Self-Titled

Quick and peppy, soft and arty, slanderous, scandalous. The pop-emo crossover stylings of Big, Big Furnace shine on this debut CD EP. Tongue firmly in cheek, the B2F boys combine their post-punk sensibilities to create beautiful songs and high-energy shows that leave audiences moist in their pants.

CDEP $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-22


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Lorenzo's Music // Schematic

Lorenzo´s Music push beyond the confines of smokey blues and cabaret rock to establish themselves as an original and artistic musical event; an elusive blend of youthful energy and sophisticated touch.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-21


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Plastic // Spiritual Kung Fu

Plastic´s unique twist of psychedelic rock and post-modern electronic manipulations will move you straight ahead to the next wave, leaving you drenched and begging for more.

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-20

Spiritual Kung Fu

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Aunt Beaph // 2000AB

Aunt Beaph exists only in a post modern cosmos, exploring concepts that gravitate toward absurdity, excess and satire. Freak rock from inside the vacuum.

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-19


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Knuckel Drager

The explosive new sound in drag bike music! The “now” monster sounds!

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-18

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Bleed // ´Lil Red Riding Hood

Three new songs from Milwaukee´s premier hot rod band. Bleed combines a high gear racing surf sound and dynamic vocal melodies in their own brand of fifties punk. On red vinyl.

Seven Inch Record $6 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-16

´Lil Red Riding Hood

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American Death // Self-Titled

Three song CDEP from Milwaukee´s hard-edged, high energy country/rockabilly trio, American Death.

CDEP $5 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-15


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Compilation featuring new and live tracks from: Gam, Mad Trucker Gone Mad, Mucky Pup, The Probers, Voodoo Love Mint, The Grid Committee, Supermodel, Bleed, Uncle Eddie, Fuzzdolly, Car You Know Peggy and the Blasted Boys. Cover art by Pat Moriarty.


Though there isn’t a single “known” band here, there are 13 that show off a feisty Midwest label that likes its rock noisy, intemperate, and often downright helacious/nasty — with the exception of one outfit that sounds like bad Steppenwolf doing jazz rock (the Probers). Mad Trucker Gone Mad is the favorite with its hillbilly garage party music, but Supermodel and the bizarre Grid Committee probably will have severe hearing disorders later life from the infernal, crazy racket they generate. On the more technological side (as the label is open-minded) Mucky Pup’s dance-beat groove cover of Sade’s “Nothing Can Come Between Us” is a nice aural change of pace (though their version of Prince’s rude Purple Rain number “Darling Nikki” is back to the ornery guitar rock). And just to show Crustacean goes everywhere, we even get metal-rock with a million different time and signature changes and a silly sense of humor in Carl, You Know Peggy. This label does as it whims say. ~ Jack Rabid

Track Listing
1. Mad Trucker Gone Mad/Love Letter
2. Mad Trucker Gone Mad/Billions and Billions
3. The Probers – Dirty Luv
4. Supermodel – Plenty
5. Supermodel – I Start
6. Gam – Something in Here
7. Gam – Speedfische
8. Grid Committee – Gridsong
9. Grid Committee – Anchorwait
10. Grid Committee – Dead Man’s Laundry
11. Mucky Pup – Nothing Can Come Between Us (Sade)
12. Mucky Pup – Darling Nikki (Prince)
13. Carl, You Know Peggy – The Waiting Song
14. Carl, You Know Peggy – Lousy Trouser
15. Bleed – Ultra-Violet
16. Bleed – Speed Kills
17. Voodoo Love Mint – How Bowl
18. Uncle Eddie – November Victory (Demo Version)
19. Fuzzdolly – Flaw
20. Fuzzdolly – Pimp of Trempealeau
21. Blasted Boyz – 42 (Apologies to A. Cooper)

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-12

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Mad Trucker Gone Mad // Supermodel

This split 7″ includes two non-album tracks from Mad Trucker, “Thats That” and “Angola”. Supermodel provides the soundscapes of “See it Coming” on the flip.

Split Seven Inch Record $6 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-11


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Uncle Eddie // Fountain City Follies

With roots deep within the fertile Wisconsin indie music scene, Uncle Eddie propagates their unique brand of funky-country-punk on this debut CD. Come into the living room and feel the love.

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-10

Fountain City Follies

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Mad Trucker Gone Mad // Self-Titled

The boys from egg sandwich whoop it up on their self titled debut disc. Rockabill-surf-garage-rock-punk. “In this day of ever changing sounds, Mad Trucker open up a whole new category… addicting fast paced stuff…” – Impact Press Magazine

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-09


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Fuzzdolly // Inflatable Live

Fuzzdolly blends the elements of mood driven gothic and high energy punk rock angst. “Fuzzdolly´s riffs crackle like a bowl of crunchberries and shake like and epileptic earthquake.” – Cake Magazine

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-08

Inflatable Live

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Carl, You Know Peggy // Self-Titled

Debut CD from this Wisconsin quartet provides a fresh outlook on everyday life in the upper midwest. A hodge-podge of influences from Del Shannon to Firehose to NOFX swirl into a barrage of obnoxious yet pretty toe-tapping numbers.

CDEP $6 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-07


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Mucky Pup // Short Attention Span

Taken from the bands never released in America 7th album. “Five Guys In a Really Hot Garage”

Recorded by Patch infamous for Bad Brains´ I Against Eye and Quickness

Seven Inch Record $6 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-06

Short Attention Span

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The Fierce Nipples // Promo 7

Originally promo only, this media 7″ includes different mix/master of two album tracks, “Hot Pipes” and “Chewing the Far-Fetched Fat.”

7 $6 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-05a

Promo 7

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The Fierce Nipples // Cripes!

Twisted melodic phrases over grooves in odd time signatures. Uneasy listening for those who can deal with it. “Recommended for your sagging faith in todays rock music standards.” – The Squealer

CD $10 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-05


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Ladybeard // Music for Duh Masses

A tasty slab of Wisconsin rock served up from the capitol city. “Tinged with equal parts of punk, folk funk and deep night mexican good times.” – Servo Magazine

Seven Inch Record $6 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-04

Music for Duh Masses

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Ferguson Baker

A spicy horn laden collection of funk rock tunes to please your mind and your tastebuds.

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-03

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Crustacean Compilation

A smorgasboard of styles from the upper midwest circa 1995. Includes Helena Handbasket, Front of Truck, Crabshack, Mas Optica, Fat Tuesday, Gethsemane and Wet Dog.

CD $8 postage paid direct (US Only!). CRST-02

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